12 Month Mentorship For Men

The Lifestyle Blueprint For Professional, Family Men

Are you a professional family man focused on maintaining and building your relationship with your wife and kids?

Are you focused on being the best provider for your family and also improving your health in the quickest time possible without copious amounts of time & high intensity exercise?

Do you want a brand new approach that reverses health conditions naturally and can help you reverse unwanted symptoms and eliminate medication?

Guess what?!

All this is possible with the unique Jennings Holistic Health Coaching Method.

Your marriage/relationship is your number one financial and emotional asset – that’s our philosophy at Jennings Holistic Health Coaching.

80% of relationship issues are health related – for example, when people get tired they get grumpy – and who do we take it out on? Our family members!

To achieve the longterm goals and maintain the responsibilities we set ourselves as men, we need to address our lifestyles and maintain those habits.

Hi, Steve Jennings here,

While 90% of our male clients achieve amazing results with our one to one coaching, unfortunately many people “fall off the wagon” when they are unsupported, making the longterm success rate closer to just 40%.

This is the reason that we set up the 12 Month Mentorship for Professional Family Men. Its a life coaching and holistic health coaching program designed to help you to protect your health so you can achieve your financial goals and maintain a good relationship with your family.

A 12 month journey helps you make the mental shift from quick fast diets to constant sustainable growth. This requires more mental and emotional endurance – which is exactly what you need to achieve your longterm personal and family goals.

Check out the amazing deal we have to help you become successful – there’s so much value we call it the No Brainer Deal…..

Here's what you get when you join the 12 Month Mentorship for Men:

Plus Access To These Challenges & Lessons Throughout The Year

Foundational Coaching Lessons ($197 Value)


New Seasonal Meal Plans, Grocery Lists & Recipes ($1200 value)

copy of volume 6 recipe

31 Day Summer Survival Blueprint ($297 value)

summer survival programme

14 Day Clever Guts Digestive Reset ($497 Value)

clever guts recipes

The 11 Day Super Cleanse Winter & Summer Editions ($297 value)

11 day super cleanse

Brain Fit Toolkit Mental Health Reset ($497 value)

brain fit toolkit manual (1)

14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge ($297 value)

manual steve jennings

Raw til 4 Rapid Weightloss Formula ($297 value)

raw till 4 manual

Sleek & Slim Advanced Bodyshaper ($397 value)

sleek & slim recipe (1)

5kg Summer Sprint Challenge ($297 value)

14 day summer sprint workout plan (3)

The Thyroid Regenerator Meal Plan ($297 value)

volume 10 recipe

Total Value Over 12 Months Over $6000.00

Here's What Some Of Our Men Are Saying About Our Coaching

“I would absolutely recommend the 12 Month Mentorship with Steve & Heidi. When I started, I was 10kgs overweight and needed help with nutritional guidance to perform at my best. I also went through some personal changes throughout the year which added some stress to my body. Steve has a great supportive manner and guided me through some great nutritional plans and foods that would help me achieve my goals and perform in my profession.

As a result at 52 years old I dropped the 10kgs over about three months, kept it off and I’m in the best shape of my life. He has made something that could be so challenging, so easy to follow. Thanks Richard (Financial Advisor)”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Review

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Brian lost 25kgs in 16 weeks, and has maintained for four years
316067237 2328072454027526 6455352686095690940 n
Andrew lost 5.7kgs in 14 days, then went on to lose 15kgs
75650440 542430189928234 469822899096649728 n
Joe lost 10kgs in his first 4 weeks

Other health issues we can resolve for you.

  • stubborn bodyfat
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • low energy, lethargy
  • unresolved pain in the body
  • have unresolved emotional trauma
  • high blood pressure
  • feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious
  • autoimmune disease
  • low libido/erectile dysfunction
  • sleep apnea
  • bloating, reflux, constipation
  • diverticulitis, chrohns, IBS,
  • skin conditions

Join Now And We'll Add These Special Bonuses

BONUS: We want you to be as successful as possible, so I will also add in a FREE 45 minute personal discovery session. This will show you how the system works and help you develop a 12 month strategy so you can get the best out of your investment. Valued at $197.00.

This brings the total value of the 12 Month Mentorship for Men to over $6000.00

The normal rate for the program is $197.00 per month, but today you can sign up for the 12 Month Mentorship For Professional Family Men at our very special rate of just

$147.00 per month (save $600.00) or a one off payment of $1297.00 (save $1067.00)

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Sign up here for 12 x monthly payments of $147.00 (save $600.00)

One Time Payment Just $1297.00 (save $1297.00)

Please Agree To The Terms & Conditions


We know that you may have questions for us, so we’ve compiled the most common questions below.

“I travel and socialise a lot. Will this work for me?”

We will show you how to manage these social functions easily so you still have fun and maintain your progress. You do not need to be perfect on this plan for 12 months – that’s the last thing we want you to do.

“How do I reach out for help if I need it?”

The best way to reach out for help is to email us or use facebook messenger. FB messenger is the best option because we can send you voice messages to help you stay on track.

“Do I get a new Meal Plan every month?”

Yes – we have a nutrition plan hub that you you’ll have access to where you can download multiple seasonal meal plans, recipes and grocery lists as you please. We have around 20 plans to choose from, so you’ll always have lots of variation.

Do I have to sign up for 12 months?”

Yes. This is the catch – we have added so much value to the program that we want you to be as successful as possible, plus if you are ever going to get off the YOYO for good, you must learn to keep your results going for a full year. As the seasons change so do our habits, so it’s vital to learn how to stay on track. A 12 month membership is the minimum duration you must fulfill.

“Is there really $6000 worth of value in the program?”

We believe there is far MORE value than $6000.00 Think of your health benefits – more energy, better moods, better self confidence. Better sleep. Plus your direct family members will benefit from what you learn and the recipes that you’ll get. $147 per month is what we call the NO BRAINER DEAL. Your wife can even follow along with you!

“What type of foods do I eat on the program?”

We advocate a low fat diet 80% of the time. We want you to eat lots of fruits & vegetables and some animal protein each day. Yes you can eat carbs too! Carbs like potatoes & kumara are not the devil in disguise as we are lead to believe. Yes you can also drink some alcohol in moderation and coffee.

“Ok I’m in! How do I sign up?”

Just click on the paypal links above. Then when your payment comes through, we’ll send you to the download page where you can access your recipes, orientation videos and gut health manual. PLUS we’ll book in your private discovery session.

Qualifications & Training

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