12 Month Mentorship Programme

Turn Your Progress Into a Lifetime of Good Health

Become a member of the 12 Month Mentorship Programme and receive coaching throughout the year to help you stay on track for good. When you join the programme you are committed to getting off YOYO diets, and we are committing to you. Join now and get over $500.00 of savings and programme bonuses when you join now!


Here's what you get when you become a VIP member:

The cost is just $49.95 per month……that’s $12.48 per week. That’s the cost of a coffee and a muffin. That’s also a saving of $120.00 over the year!

Margaret Has Broken Free Of Yoyo Dieting

“The problem I had was yo-yo dieting, fibromyalgia, not sleeping very well, and arthritic pain in my hands. After 12 months, I don’t suffer as many body aches, I’m sleeping a lot better and I’m always ready to get up in the morning. Energy levels have dramatically increased. Bloating is gone. I’m also currently sitting at 11kgs weight loss – and I haven’t been this light in 15 years!

I highly recommend the year’s mentorship as it keeps you on track and helps to keep any little habits from creeping back in. Steve is great at dealing with any dietary health issues, it’s not all about losing the weight. He doesn’t make you feel a failure but is very encouraging and I always come away feeling inspired and uplifted with a few laughs along the way. It’s the longest I’ve kept the weight off and I know it’s going to be very sustainable! Thanks, Margaret”


Join now & receive a further $485.00 of free bonuses!

Dive head first into the next 12 months and commit to aging better and investing in your health. We will be there to guide you each and every month. These are valued at $97, but we’re giving you free access!

Three 14 Day Shred Challenges

Free Access
  • Shred Challenges run in February, winter and December
  • Includes group zoom sessions
  • Total savings $291.00

The Summer Survival Programme

Free Access
  • Summer Survival runs annually from December 25 - January 25
  • Learn how to maintain your health and bodyshape during the holidays
  • Total savings $97.00

The 9 Day Deep Liver Cleanse

Free Access
  • The ultimate 9 Day deep liver cleanse program
  • Suitable for sufferers of long term chronic illness
  • Total savings $97.00
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Brian Lost 25kgs in 16 weeks and has maintained for 3 years
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Rebecca lost 15kgs has maintained for 4 years
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Viv lost over 20kgs in 12 weeks, has maintained for four years
Lynda lost 10kgs and maintained during a 14 week world cruise