Self Confidence Through Style – Moana Robinson

And How To Manifest The Best Version Of You

Dressing With Style & Sass + Writing A Letter To Your Future Self

Personal stylist, and number #1 Amazon Best Selling Author Moana Robinson is our guest speaker. 

She discusses some tips to help you build your self confidence through the power of elevating your self image. When you look good, you feel good about yourself, and your impression on others leaves a positive mark and respect. She has also provided a personal style guide as a gift for you. Just click here.

Heidi also brings in some of her life coaching background and shares an important tool for personal growth – writing a letter to your future self and creating a conscious awareness of who you want to become. It’s no different to a setting a business or financial goal. We also suggest you may like to take a photo of yourself now and add it to the letter. As she discusses, there are a few tips to follow for this exercise. Enjoy!

Steve & Heidi