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When we get people onto our coaching programmes, we always endorse a ‘cheat meal’ once a week. This is where for one meal, you can have whatever you like!

This is an excellent and very effective way of making changes towards a healthier lifestyle more sustainable in the long term. If you know you can treat yourself each week to your favourite food, you are more likely to stay on track for the rest of the week.

We don’t do perfect and rigid and would never suggest you do it either. That’s a recipe for disaster.


Last night Steve and I had a beautiful dinner at Macau Restaurant on the Strand. The food (Asian Fusion) is so good that you keep on eating well beyond being full – so we just called that our cheat meal and today we go back to healthier options (like a green juice).

On that note, I’ve noticed something very interesting since following a plant-based lifestyle. My desire for ‘cheat’ foods has lessened significantly because my body is quite satisfied with what it receives on a daily basis and is not crying out for nutrition. Cheat meals are therefore few and far between for me but when it’s time, I make sure I enjoy it

What would be your #1 cheat meal?

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