“Your health is in excellent hands! Steve has utilised a combination of science, alternative research, 16+ years of experience and common sense to create a unique approach for his coaching. He knows what he’s talking about and wants to help other people achieve significant breakthroughs with their individual issues.”

Why Choose Us?

Maximise ROI With Staff Training

The covid era has begun, and with more anxiety around illness costs are rising with more staff staying home with colds & flus and requiring covid testing and isolation. Does your product or service require a high level of travel and face to face interaction with clients? Heidi and Steve will boost staff immunity and energy naturally to reduce the spread of colds & flus amongst staff and keep them on the ground running.

Experts in The field Of Holistic Health Coaching With a 90% Success Rate

Since 2004 we have been involved in the health industry. Our methods have evolved through our professional experience and personal chronic illness. We not only coach people how to live a sustainable lifestyle, we use our personal experiences in our own journey. Emotional stress weakens the immune system and manifests as a physical symptom in the body, so identifying the root cause of stress is crucial to overall health.

The Best In Field/Mission Statement

Jennings Holistic Health Coaching are passionate leaders in the holistic health field. They are on A Mission To Transform The Lives Of 500,000 People Across The World So That They Can Stabilise Their Health And Live Their Retirement Dreams. They want to work with other leaders in their respective fields. Are you are a leader in your industry? If the answer is yes, Steve and Heidi want to partner with you.

Less Than 50 Employees? You May Be Eligible For Funding Towards Staff Wellness Training

Please talk to us about funding through the Regional Business Partner Network. Government and charity organisations not eligible.

Corporate Size & Price Structure

Steve and Heidi can present to small, medium or large businesses. Prices depend on your group size and the package you choose.

The Problem

Most wellness programs only address a couple of areas such as nutrition and exercise, or mental health. These alone do not identify the true cause of illness and energy deficiency. The problem with the health and wellness industry is too much conflicting advice and fad diets that are not sustainable. Over 17 years the Jennings team have constructed a lifestyle plan that combines balance with free will, defines the difference between fatigue and laziness, and teaches the user to learn the language of the body and react accordingly.

You need a robust approach that achieves world class results.

Our ground breaking five pillars of functional health will provide staff with the holistic approach they need to piece together the health & happiness puzzle.

How It Works

Contact us for a no obligation discussion. Fill out your details below to set up a meeting with Heidi and Steve. Find out their background stories, testimonials from clients around the world and discuss your staff wellbeing objectives. Together find the package that best suits your budget.

Onsite or Virtual Motivation

We work with staff via Zoom or onsite.

Companies We've Worked With

Over the years, we've had the privilege working with a number of companies. Here are some of our clients':

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Using a 100% natural approach, Steve has helped hundreds of people with common health conditions.

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