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“Your health is in excellent hands! Steve and Heidi have utilised a combination of science, alternative research, 20 + years of experience and common sense to create a unique approach for their coaching. They know what they are talking about and want to help other people achieve significant breakthroughs with their health and wellbeing.”

Combining Science, Experience & Common Sense

“Since 2004 we have been involved in the health industry facilitating holistic wellness programmes. Our methods have evolved with our professional experience and recovery from personal chronic illness. If you want your staff to thrive, then you need someone who can connect with them, and inspire them to make changes that are practical, economical and yield results quickly. We achieve this through 80 Minute Express Workshops and Personal Holistic Wellness Counselling.”

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Heidi & Steve Jennings Holistic Wellness Programme Experts

What is Holistic Wellness Counselling?

Holistic Wellness Counselling applies the five functional pillars of health to restore wellbeing.

The functional pillars we refer to are:

Deep Restorative Sleep – If we do not sleep well, we create stress on mental and physical wellbeing. Our moods are erratic and hormonal imbalance occurs. When adrenalin is present, the cells of the body shut down and malnutrition becomes evident.

Gut Function – we break this into three categories – digestion, absorption and elimination. If the gut is underperforming, we suffer mental health issues, dietary malnutrition, compromised immunity and pathogenic overgrowth.

Adequate Personalised Nutrition – Fad diets and industry trends are creating more health issues long term. A sustainable plan that reduces health issues and focuses on balance is the key to move forward.

The Correct Exercise – if the exercise intensity is too high, the body cannot recover and energy deficit and fatigue become apparent. Low intensity exercise is perfect for most people maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Addressing the root cause of stress – this can come from exposure to toxins, viruses, dietary stress or relationship breakdowns. Historical stress manifests as physical health issues in the present, so it’s important we learn how to resolve old issues and manage new stresses that turn up.

If one of the pillars is not addressed, the staff member can not thrive and may not move forward with standard counselling alone. This is why a holistic wellness counselling model is required for optimal success and long term sustainability. Practical skills and health habits help to build mental resilience and self confidence.

Wellness Programmes
The Jennings are leaders in Holistic Wellness Programmes for corporates

Leading The Field In Holistic Wellness

Jennings Holistic Health Coaching is the leader in the holistic health wellness programmes, coaching thousands of people worldwide, the authors of Amazon 1# best seller “From Living Hell To Living Well” and free lance writers for global magazines. They lead by example, sharing their story of overcoming personal chronic illness and a proven method of helping countless others with a unique innovative approach.

They are on a mission to transform the lives of 500,000 people across the world. They want to partner with companies that believe they are the leaders in their field. Are you are a leader in your industry? If the answer is yes, Steve and Heidi want to work with you.

Less Than 50 Employees?

You may be eligible for funding for staff wellness programmes. Please talk to us about funding through the Regional Business Partner Network. Government and charity organisations not eligible.

Corporate Size & Price Structure

Steve and Heidi can present to small, medium or large businesses. Prices depend on your group size and the package you choose.

Wellness Programmes

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