Menopause Secrets Video #1

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Why do some women get horrendous menopause symptoms, yet other women seem to breeze through menopause without so much as a temperature fluctuation?

The answer is viruses, bacteria & toxins. What you accumulate throughout your lifetime can manifest as a physical symptom during menopause. 

But this is not because it’s your body’s fault – it’s because viruses & bacteria can be triggered due to the hormonal change that occurs with menopause.

Blaming your hormones does not provide you with any answers and instead you can lose confidence in your body.

My name is Steve Jennings, and I have a 90% success rate reducing menopause symptoms by up to 50% in as little as 7 days.

I hope you enjoy the video below.

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Video Two – we explore the relationship between stress and your menopause symptoms. This is an area that can be ignored and cost you thousands of dollars. 

Unfortunately Jill (below) found out this out the hard way. By the time she had found our program, she had spent $5000.00 on remedies that didn’t work and 10 years of trying. Check out her story below.

Keep an eye out for video #2 tomorrow!

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Steve and Heidi have a strong philosophy about the personal journey that people need to face and believe that the experiences you encounter during your life (both good and bad) are there to help you grow stronger and wiser.

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