Essential Menopause Secrets

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To Overcome Unresolved Hot Flushes, Stubborn Bodyfat, Sleep Problems and Mental Health Issues Quickly, You Need to Know About These Three Essential Menopause Secrets Now

Video One – Why you need to stop blaming hormones for your menopause symptoms – and what to focus on instead. (If hormones were the problem, then why do some women breeze through menopause?)

Video Two – The secret that the fitness industry ignores when training menopausal women, and which can cost you thousands of dollars

Video Three – The diet fad that you MUST avoid to get lasting results – even though industry “experts” suggest otherwise!

Steve & Heidi Jennings are leading Holistic Health Coaches and 1# Amazon Best Selling Authors. In these videos Steve uncovers three essential secrets to reduce stubborn Menopause symptoms quickly. And a word of caution – they may just shock you, and challenge what you think is to be true.

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Some Of Our Menopause Success Stories Using Our Holistic Health Coaching

Steve Jennings

Holistic Health Coach

20 years industry experience

Certified Performance Nutrition

Certified FMS Practitioner

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Heidi Jennings

Holistic Health Coach (Plant Based Nutrition Specialist)

Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition

Bachelor of Arts Waikato University

Certified Life Coach

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author