Fat, Frustrated and My Scales Aren’t Moving

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Interpreting the scales is a full time job, unless of course you know how to do it!

Have you ever wondered why a rectangular shaped object with a digital screen (or analog if you’re old school) that sits on your bathroom floor can either make or break your day the moment you step on it? You know what I’m talking about…those bathroom scales that have the power to freak you out and completely wreck your joy, sanity, and overall sense of well-being. We have an ideal number in mind, and when reality deviates even slightly, all hell breaks loose in our heads. Women in particular seem to have a very emotional attachment to the scales.

The thing is, you have to know how to INTERPRET them.


We regularly see clients who are ‘exercising and eating all the right things’, yet their excess weight stubbornly refuses to budge. In actual fact, your body weight is determined by a number of different factors and is far more complex than the ‘calories in, calories out’ line we’ve been fed for….forever. These factors are like individual puzzle pieces – they all need to fit together nicely in order to see the number on the scale come down.

When we are coaching clients who are seeing weight loss and then suddenly the scales stop moving, we question what’s happening with each puzzle piece. What have your stress levels been like this week? How’s your sleep going? Are your bowels moving regularly? Did you have a cheat meal? Once we pinpoint what is going on, we can identify why weight loss may have plateaued.

If you are struggling with your weight and feeling frustrated that the number on the scale is not coming down, you need to start looking at what’s happening in the body on a deeper level. And the wonderful thing is, when we address what’s happening on a deeper level, the excess weight starts to fall off all on its own.

And when we understand how to interpret the scales, their stranglehold on our peace of mind can finally be released.



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