Finding Your Slipstream

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What exactly is a slipstream?

A slipstream is an assisting force regarded as drawing something along behind something else. In other words, it’s something that carries you along further and faster than you can go on your own.

For me personally, the first thing I think about when I hear the word slipstream is Lance Armstrong.  Love him or loathe him, (and we all know that Lance has done some things in his life which he shouldn’t have), but you can’t deny that he is a very good cyclist. If you’ve ever watched any of Lance Armstrong’s cycle races, you will have seen him taking advantage of a slipstream. He would position himself behind the leaders of the pack in the cycle race and be pulled along by their energy, while conserving his own.  Then, at exactly the right moment, he would break loose and overtake everyone and win the race. That is the definition of taking advantage of a slipstream.


Every successful person has found their slipstream, usually in the form of a mentor, coach or  community of people where they can be carried along with the energy of that particular thing. Slipstreams don’t have to be in the form of a person – it could just be reading books or listening to podcasts on the subject. The main thing is that you are being caught up in the energy of the slipstream and you are learning new concepts and knowledge that can fast-track you to where you want to be.

Steve and myself have developed our own slipstream here at Jennings Holistic Health Coaching.  It’s called the World of Holistic Wellness, and it’s our 12-month mentorship programme. We’ve essentially packaged up everything we do, including all our years of knowledge, experience and research and offer it to our clients to help them reach their health and wellbeing goals. This slipstream has about 70 members, and it continues to grow week after week. The great thing about it is that not only can our members take advantage of everything we offer, they can also be carried along in the slipstream of the other members of the group.  This way, they are able to be fast-tracked to their goals, rather than spending years trying to achieve these goals under their own steam.

My question to you is, where are you heading with your health and wellbeing in 2023, and do you need to find  yourself a slipstream?

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