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Are you exercising and eating healthily but still not getting results?

Do you still suffer with poor sleep, high stress, anxiety, stubborn body fat or Autoimmune conditions no matter what you try?

If your answer is “YES!” then we NEED to talk!

I can help you lose up to 8kgs of stubborn fat during six weeks while you get fitter, stronger and regain deep restful sleep habits!

Top Tauranga Holistic Health Coach reveals the secrets to building muscle mass, burn stubborn body fat and feel sexy again in less than 3 hours a week… 100% money back guaranteed.

My name is Steve Jennings, I have over 16 years in the Health, Well Being and Fitness industries.

  • I have built up an enviable reputation for being an innovative and affordable trainer who provides you with a personalised service.
  • 90% of my customers remain as my clients because of their great success.
  • I run 10,000+ group fitness classes and 1000+ personal consultations per year.
  • Some of my classes have sold out for 6 years running now.

With this experience I’ve created a five pillar system to help people just like YOU feel confident again and take charge of your lifestyle using natural therapies.

“I’m 32 years old and have suffered from arthritis in both knees since I was 19. I would go to bed in pain and wake up in pain. I can honestly say that after seven days of using Steve’s program I have not woken in pain! There was a time that I thought that the pain I was experiencing was going to be a part of the rest of my life. Now I have belief that I can manage this problem naturally” Simone Graham

“The program is great for a my lifestyle. I know I can have a night or two off each week, allow my weight to come up a little after the weekend then easily drop the weight over the week. I’m down 10kgs already in just a couple of months, the food is easy, I sleep better than ever, my stress is far more manageable and I’m not missing out on social events. This program is so easy once you know how the system works!” Nigel Wallace

“I’ve dropped 10kgs over a few months and down at my best weight in a number of years – the food is easy, I love exercising with the group and even my daughter comes along too!” Ainsley Cunliffe

I’ve collated the most recent holistic natural therapies to innovate a programme that coaches people to deal with the root cause of their stress that is causing stubborn fat, sleepless nights, unresolved pain, insatiable cravings and mood swings…. The pillars themselves are NOT revolutionary…. it’s the way I coach them on a PERSONAL level that will create a shift in your mind set as well as long term, life changing results for you.

Pillar 1. Nutrition

Utilise intelligent bacteria to help you:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase energy.
  • Increase satiety (satisfaction) after eating.
  • Balance moods.
  • Burn fat.

The “Calories in verses Calories out” method of weight loss is out of date. Nutrient density is now the holy grail of anti-ageing, long-term health and improved wellbeing.

Nutrient density foods are rich in nutrients but fairly low in calories. You will be more satisfied, sleep deeply, reduce food related inflammation and keep fat off for longer if you eat foods with high amounts of nutrients.

Your bowel movements should be frequent (and pass easily) so your weight and fat levels reduce daily. As you feed the healthy bacteria in your gut with nutrient dense foods they will multiply in numbers and help your digestion. As a result you use less energy on digestion and positively influence food cravings.

How important are these live organisms inside us? For every one signal that the brain sends to the gut, the gut in return sends nine signals back. The gut has such a strong influence on the brain and some scientists believe that the gut is even more important. It also houses approximately 80% of our immune system.

Therefore, foods that are energy dense such as sweets/lollies, chips or chocolate are all very low in nutrient density, addictive in nature and just don’t satisfy you do they? You just eat more and more until you either finish it all or feel sick. Not only that, these energy dense foods also instruct your intelligent “bad” gut bacteria to STORE more calories and your weight will increase quickly.

My point is this – the food you eat either tells your body to store fat or burn it depending on which gut bacteria is dominant. Feed the good bacteria with nutrient dense foods and you’ll never go hungry and also maintain a healthy body shape because the good bacteria will influence your healthy food cravings.

Sounds easy right? Well yes, but life as you know tends to get a bit stressful and stress kills the good bacteria in your gut. When we are upset, anxious, angry, busy, or overtired these feelings can cause us to crave coffee, alcohol, sugar, salt and fatty foods to “support” this stressful life. This is your built in biological response to stress where your gut tells your body to eat convenient food ready for the “famine or fight” that your body perceives is coming.

  1. If your body thinks there is a shortage of food it will store fat very quickly and be extremely slow in releasing this stored fat. It needs to have the quick burning visceral fat on hand to keep the organs working during the “famine”.
  2. If your body thinks you are in ‘fight or flight’ mode your stress hormone will stimulate your liver to release sugar into the blood stream to give your big powerful muscles the energy they need to keep you safe. The problem with this scenario is that if the elevated blood sugar is not burned as energy immediately it will be stored as fat.


These are two very common situations of how we get stubborn and uncontrollable fat gain when we live under constant pressure and stress and you are in survival mode.

When you are in survival mode your belly fat produces stress hormones that make you crave salt, sugar and fat, which of course leads to more fat gain. So you can see why it’s important to identify and deal with the root cause of your stress to get yourself off the diet merry-go-round and finally release that stubborn bodyfat.

As a coach I sometimes have to dig a little deeper with my clients to find out what is “keeping them awake at night”. Once they understand how their personal situation is affecting the way they eat as well as their mental health and physical body shape, they are much better equipped to overcome survival mode and return to “rest and digest mode” using natural therapies.

Pillar 2. Exercise  


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is great…..for the right person.

A one size fits all approach to training is a major problem. Most trainers just get on the wagon with what everyone else seems to be doing. “Just thrash them – that’s a good workout….” But actually, it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, high intensity training is great, but not for people who are highly stressed or have muscular asymmetries (or imbalances). Highly stressed people don’t recover well because they don’t necessarily sleep well. High intensity training increases stress so this type of exercise can simply run a stressed person into the ground and burn them out.

Also people who have muscular asymmetries are more prone to injuries due to “movement incompetency” – this means that their movement is unbalanced between the left and right side of the body. Postural imbalances create a system of weakness and tightness throughout the body’s chain of stability and movement. Some of these imbalances arise from poor movement habits, but they are usually from stationary sitting and lying habits. If we take someone (fit or unfit) with dysfunctional movement patterns and put them into a high intensity, high impact workout then it won’t go well. It’s a recipe for disaster because stressed people do not recover and heal properly. Their natural anti-inflammatory system is dysfunctional. If they get injured they may remain that way for a long time and have on-going issues. That is why it’s important that you move through basic exercises and build up your fitness slowly. You must adjust the exercise and intensity to suit you as an INDIVIDUAL.

Finally, it is also extremely important that you only exercise to your limits based on your current energy levels. You will have noticed yourself that certain days you have varying energy levels for different reasons such as sleeping/eating patterns, pressure and other commitments.

“Steve Jennings is one of the only Fitness Gym Coaches in Tauranga that actually knows what he’s doing.” Physiotherapy Business Owner (anonymous).

Pillar 3. Deep Restful Sleep.


Sleeping isn’t addressed in the gym/training industry but it really should be.

We all know that sleeping eight hours per night is important….but for most people stress messes with that. Factor in that a lack of sleep puts your body into a state of stress (survival mode) then you have double the problem.

Deep restful sleep is your biggest weapon against unwanted fat.

When you sleep well:

  • You will grow muscle and they will utilise fat as energy.
  • It will be easier to recover from exercise.
  • Your moods will improve overall.

Poor sleep can disrupt your natural daily cortisol slope (puts your sleep cycle out of whack) so your body may elevate blood sugar at night.  This leads to gained body fat, vivid dreams and a restless night tossing and turning.

So how do you completely shut cortisol off at night to get a deep sleep? Answer: Eat carbohydrates at night.

Yes, I know! You were told that eating carbs after a certain time of the day would cause you to gain fat. But this isn’t true unless you are eating too much or the wrong type of carbs. Carbohydrates have the biggest effect on cortisol.

Do you want to?

  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Balance your moods.
  • Gain muscle.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Burn fat.

Eating carbs at night to generate a deep, restful sleep is an essential tool in the battle to maintain your body shape. When you join my programme I will advise you on the best carbs to eat to help you achieve this deep restful sleep and loose that stubborn body fat.

Why am I telling you my coaching secrets for free?

There’s a simple reason – I truly want you to succeed and then tell others about my Boxing Bootcamp and Reset Programmes. When you are successful and people see your amazing results then I would love for you to recommend my coaching to your friends, family and network of contacts. But remember what I said – the Pillars themselves are not the secret. Your commitment to the Bootcamp + my coaching with full accountability and high quality service to you is the ultimate key to your success.

Try one of my classes for free and see how I can help you. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

  1. Improve quality sleep for more energy. You’ll be less grumpy AND burning more fat. If you’re waking up tired in the morning you need a much more deep and restful sleep.
  2. You’re going to learn how to unlock stubborn fat and end years of frustration and confusion. What I will teach you can help unlock the chains that are holding you back.
  3. Learn how to build real muscle without heavy weights so you look more toned and athletic, without increased risk of injury.
  4. Special personalised workouts suitable to your level of fitness and agility that boost your metabolism for 48 hours. You will burn fat long after the workout has finished, even when you’re sleeping!
  5. Once you fit back into your skinny jeans you’re going to feel sexy again and beam with positivity and inner strength….. Everyone LOVES confidence.
  6. I am going to personally coach you to live a lifestyle where you can still enjoy wine/beer/chocolate/snacks/takeaways occasionally so my programme remains sustainable for you. This way you will continue to achieve results and maintain your bodyshape throughout your life.
  7. Its personalised training and coaching without the expensive costs of a personal trainer + life coach + nutritionist. You receive real service, accountability from me and a lot of experience standing right next to you in every workout. My expertise and knowledge with save you a LOT of money!
  8. Experienced trainer to save you time and money by generating faster results. I’ve personally run over 7000 group fitness classes.
  9. Indoor location – that’s right, a Bootcamp without the mud and bad weather! No training in the rain (therefore no excuses to miss a class) and you’ll receive more sessions for your money.
  10. Restricted class size – more personalised attention and space dedicated to you and your journey.


Imagine if you lost up to 5kgs of bodyfat in the next 6 weeks!

The confidence, happiness and satisfaction that you’ll gain with this great achievement is an undeniable fact.

Don’t miss out!

Just look at what my personalised group coaching has done for these people!

Denise Has Lost 15kgs And Has Kept It Off For Over TWO YEARS!

“Before joining Steve’s Personalised Group Training I was running to keep fit and trying and shed some weight but had reached a point where I wasn’t able to achieve any further results. I hadn’t been to a gym is 30 years and wasn’t interested in going to a gym. So I gave Steve’s Personalised Group Training a go. I was nervous as hell when I walked in the door but after being there a week I felt like I was at home. Every session is different, so you never get bored with the “same old same old”. Anyone who wants to lose a few kilos and work towards being fitter and healthier – with a great bunch of people and a coach who cares – I recommend you give it a go! With Steve’s mountains of knowledge and his guidance, if you put in the effort, you’ll get the results.”

Here are her awesome results;

  1. *She has lost 20cm off her waist
  2. Almost 15cm off her hips
  3. Lost over 15kgs in weight
  4. She is now at 22% bodyfat – down from 34%
  5. Metabolic age at 34 – 15 years younger than her real age!

Fiona Reduced Her Stress And Has Gone Onto Lose 16Kg, Change Her Entire Bodyshape…….and She Has Kept It Off For Almost 2 Years and Counting!

Having returned to New Zealand with my family at the end of 2014, I have had a difficult and frustrating year. My family settled well, while the things I had planned to do didn’t work out. I started going to bootcamp in October 2015, having gained about 8kg over the year, and feeling stressed, frustrated and uncomfortable.

As I started to understand the connection between the stress I was experiencing, and the food I was eating, I realised I needed to do something about my eating habits. I started Steve’s detox program in February 2016, and although I wanted to lose weight, I have not looked at this as a diet or a quick fix, I have looked at it as a way to address unhealthy patterns in my life. Having completed the program, I have continued as I want to carefully think about what my new ‘normal’ will be, and not to slip back into patterns that were unhelpful for me.

If you’re ready to be honest with yourself about what’s going on in your life and the patterns and habits you have with food, then have a look at Steve’s program, it might be just what you’re looking for.

"I had lost weight on my own but then became stuck. I started working with Steve and I'm currently maintaining a loss of over 20kgs for a total of over two years!" Jo (50's)
“I dropped over 20kgs. The lightest I’ve been for over 20 years. Maintained for over 2 years. I I almost didn’t do this programme – I’m grateful I did. This has changed my life.” Sandra (50’s)
25kgs Gone in 7 Months
10kgs Gone in 12 Weeks
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri

I’ll admit, this is not for everyone. You have to give me solid commitment and a real desire to achieve your goals. I can provide you with everything that I can as a physical, wellness and health coach, but if you don’t follow my advice properly you may not see results. Decide right now to try your hardest, follow my programme and commit to a healthier way of life.

*If you have not improved your general fitness, lost fat, toned up or gained lean muscle to reshape your body after completing two group fitness coaching classes per week for six weeks then I’ll refund your money. Every last cent.

Book in for a free trial and see if you like it. But make sure you start now by getting in touch with me. For me to deliver on my promises I have to restrict class sizes to 20 people maximum to provide the support that you need to succeed.

What you will receive:

  • Two to three boxing fitness bootcamp classes per week ($150 value).
  • Six weeks of meal plans and recipes to help you stay on track, and satisfy the family’s taste buds ($75 value).
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you focussed ($25 value).
  • Wrist wraps ($20 value).
  • Facebook live workouts for you to do at home ($30 value).
  • Fortnightly weigh-ins and measurements to track your progress ($20 value).
  • Two group Zoom meetings on Sunday at 9am. During these sessions I will teach you how the nutrition plan works, the sleep routine, how to build your gut flora and what supplements you may need and why ($60 value).
  • Fortnightly fitness testing.

6 weeks programme for a total value of $380.00. BUT all yours for just $269.00!

Be quick though! There are just 20 spots available for this personalised coaching class and trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

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There are no joining fees or long term contracts.

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