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Last night I was talking to a client who is doing my 12-Week Plant-Based Ultimate Health Breakthrough Programme. We were discussing the various ‘diets’ out there – Keto, Weight Watchers, Mediterranean, etc, and the strange obsession that modern-day humans seem to have about counting calories, measuring portion sizes, weighing food, and how many micro and macronutrients they are consuming at each meal.

She asked me my opinion on the above approach, and this is what I said:

plant based food

When you find your groove on a plant-based lifestyle, you have complete freedom. You don’t think about calories, or portion sizes, or nutrients, or how tight or loose your jeans are that day. You don’t think about what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating, or whether this thing is ‘high carb’ or that thing is ‘low carb’ or goodness knows what else. You don’t worry about weighing yourself, or measuring your waist, or about trying on the new shirt in the shop because you may have gone up a size. You don’t worry about having that extra bit of dessert, or glass of wine, and you certainly don’t worry about what your husband thinks of you in that dress.

Do you know what you do instead? You enjoy your food, you stop when you’re satisfied, then repeat for the next meal, and on it goes. You enjoy your calm state of mind, and stable moods, and that fact you don’t need to reach for a chocolate bar at 3pm. You naturally choose healthy foods because that’s what your body craves, and every now and then you have a blow out and enjoy every mouthful. The next day you get back on track, and go about your life. You don’t get antsy or nervous when you’re invited out for dinner because the menu might not be healthy. You don’t ruminate on that extra portion you had at lunch or piece of cake you had at your friend’s birthday morning tea.

plant based meal (002)

You live your life calmly, but with motivation and intention, because a plant-based lifestyle is helpful like that.

You travel around in your lean, pain-free machine, fueled by exactly the right gas.

You throw away the ifs, buts, maybes and shoulds, because you realise life works a whole lot better without them.

You spend your time doing the things that are important, like not counting calories or portion sizes, or numbers on a scale.

You are content in yourself, and your world.

In other words, you live a life of freedom.

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