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From the beginning of time, we have known that fruit is a necessary component of human health. It is fundamental for building a strong and healthy body, and for healing chronic disease.

In the past couple of decades, there has been a lot of very misleading (and corrupt) propaganda dispelling the virtues of fruit, to the point that people are fearful of it. Why? Quite simply, because there’s no money in it.

Let’s remember that the health industry is not about your health – it’s about profit, and a healthy population is not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately we are on the receiving end of hidden agendas and misinformation, and it’s wreaking havoc on our health.

Let’s take the Ketogenic diet for example. Millions of people are jumping on that bandwagon, eating bucket loads of fat and avoiding fruit, because they’re told this way of eating is healthy (it’s not and actually causes significant long-term damage). The marketers behind Keto don’t care about you – they care about their bottom line.

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These large industries also have the money behind them to ‘invest’ in research – in other words, pay (bribe) researchers to reach conclusions in their favour. Unfortunately, there is very little funding towards the health benefits of fruit, and the humble fruit farmer can’t afford to fund these types of studies.

People also get confused about the impacts fruit has on the body. Someone who has been eating the standard western diet for a long period of time who then starts eating fruit might say “oh but bananas make me bloated”, or “oh but apples don’t agree with me”. This is actually not correct. What happens when you eat fruit, is that it RAISES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Your immune system then goes to war on all the viral and pathogenic activity in the body, in an effort to get rid of it. This can cause unpleasant side effects (temporarily), but it’s because your body is fighting disease. Once you get through this period of the body dispelling all the junk, you will find that fruit does actually agree with you, and in fact is crucial for your health.

Fruit is part of nature’s arsenal to help you thrive.

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