Full O’ Beans!

Secrets to transforming your life

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you fed up with mediocre or poor health, bloating and gut issues? Ready to embrace your full potential, with fabulous wellbeing on your side?

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Are you on the fence whether to adopt a vegan or plant-based diet?

Imagine your own personal wellspring of sublime health, a place to tap into at any time for enduring energy, superb mental clarity and a body that sails smoothly through each day. Think about the feelings of contentment and the kinds of opportunities that a body and mind in perfect harmony would bring. Picture being free of the aches, pains and troublesome symptoms that may be dragging you down.

Following her Amazon #1 bestseller From Living Hell to Living Well, holistic health coach Heidi Jennings will take you on an intriguing journey in Full o’ Beans!

From her incredible personal transformation, Heidi shares why our current eating habits are making us sick, how turning to nature can prevent and even reverse disease, and why beautiful plant foods can utterly revamp how you show up in the world.

Learn simple strategies for how to get started in the kitchen, enjoy social situations, set yourself up for optimal success, and so much more.

Whether you are struggling with chronic illness, feeling less than your best, or are simply curious about this way of life, this book is a must-read for you.

Get Full o’ Beans! and embark on an experience that promises to completely transform your life.

*Book due mid September – will be posted as soon as available.


The author

Heidi is the youngest of four children and was brought up on an orchard in Katikati, in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand.

After finishing high school, she gained a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese and International Business Management from the University of Waikato. The allure of travel and living abroad then led to a two-year OE in Japan and the UK. After working in marketing and local government and seeking a new direction, Heidi completed a Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching through the Life Coach Associates of New Zealand in 2008.

During a health crisis in her late thirties that left her bedridden and disillusioned with conventional medicine, Heidi turned her focus to natural healing and gained a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University in the USA. From here she joined husband Steve in the family business, Jennings Holistic Health Coaching. Their vision is to transform the health and lives of 500,000 people around the world, with a safe and natural approach. Heidi’s ultimate goal is to educate and inspire those who are feeling defeated by their health, by showing them how the body can transition from surviving to thriving, given the right tools and support.

Heidi is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of From Living Hell to Living Well, a public speaker on the subject of health and wellness, and a freelance writer for national and global publications.

Today Heidi lives in Tauranga, New Zealand, with her husband Steve, their daughter Bonnie and son Arie. In her spare time Heidi loves to dance (Latin American) and go on long walks where she dreams up subject matter for future books.

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