Go and Stand Beside the Bed of Your 95-Year Old Self

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Let me share one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard.

 “Go and stand beside the bed of your 95 year old self, and ask her what to do next. She will tell you”.

Think about all those times in life we worry, wonder, ponder, procrastinate……all those things we don’t do, put off, resist, make excuses for. What would your 95 year old self on his or her deathbed say about all those things?

Mine would rattle off a large list. I’ve written them all down, and they range from actions, to fulfilling dreams, to mindset, to belief systems.

They are only relevant to me, but the first one is “continue to treat your health as your most important and valuable asset”. Another is “get out of bed earlier in the morning” (to which my 92 year old husband lying next to me would howl with laughter).

What would your 95 year old self tell you to do next?

P.S. Mine also told me to get moving and fulfil my dream of writing a book, so I did.  And then I wrote another!  


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