He Was a Meat-atarian – Now He Eats 80% Plants!

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When Steve and I first met in early 2007 he was a personal trainer, so he’s always been conscious of nutrition and making healthy choices. I’ve always been interested in nutrition too, but really we were relatively clueless back then about what was healthy or not. Steve ate a lot of meat (daily) and his cheat meals usually involved pizza and icecream. He used to tell me that he could ‘never give up meat’.

Fast forward to 2013 when I discovered a list as long as my arm of my food sensitivities. Taking these out of my diet healed my eczema and it was then I fully realised the real power of food. Steve was in the background taking notice of what removing certain foods were doing for me, but things like bacon and eggs were still regularly on the menu for him.

Skip forward to early 2018, when I turned plant-based. I was thick in the misery of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and wanted to give my body the best chance to heal. I told Steve I didn’t want to cook meat anymore. He was understanding and supported my decision, and he knew this didn’t mean he would never eat meat again. We usually had a rotisserie chicken or some sausages in the fridge for him to supplement the plant-based meals I was cooking.

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Throughout my illness we did A LOT of research between us. We knew conventional medicine focused on medication to mask symptoms, but we wanted to deal with the nitty gritty of the root cause. My research and study alone on everything plant-based for preventing and reversing disease was too compelling and evidence-based to ignore.

Now, Steve is roughly 80% plant-based. He still enjoys meat from time to time, but things like bacon and eggs are now a twice yearly event instead of twice weekly. He has realised for himself the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle.

My point is, if you or someone you know eats a lot of meat but you recognise the benefits of eating less (or none), the transition doesn’t have to be overnight. Mine was because I was very sick, but Steve’s was more gradual, and even now he still has some. Even reducing animal products in your diet from everyday to every second day is a good start. Or making one or two meals a day exclusively plant-based.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be better for it.

Have you, or has someone you know reduced animal products in their diet? Was it quickly or gradual? Please share!

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