Holistic Gut Health Consultation

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To overcome chronic gut problems like bowel issues, digestive problems and nutrient malabsorption, you need to address your lifestyle holistically.

During a 45 minute private holistic health consultation, you will learn which areas of your lifestyle are contributing to your gut dysfunction. Your health coach will also take into account your health history, your current symptoms and any current diagnoses.

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The leading root causes of a gut issue is lifestyle stress, environmental toxins, diet confusion or pathogenic infestation. Many people suffer from more than one of these causes.

Should you be following a high fat diet or a low fat diet? What foods do you need to avoid? Should you be fasting? 

A gut health phone app does not solve the root cause of your health issue.

Medication does not address the root cause of your health issue. Medication can help remove a symptom, but the cause of the problem has still not been resolved.

Steve & Heidi Jennings are New Zealands leading Holistic Health Coaches and 1# Amazon Best Selling Authors. They have a 90% record resolving poor gut function, and will help you clear up confusion and understand the root cause of your symptoms.

Jennings Holistic Health Coaching solves issues such as:

  • Diverticulosis
  • IBS
  • SIBO
  • GERDS (reflux) or heart burn
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Colitis
  • Crohns
  • Anaemia
  • and Liver issues

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, the Jennings team want to invite you to take advantage of their special offer, a 45 minute initial holistic gut health consultation for just $70.00.

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How a 45 minute consultation works

1. Sign up below, fill out the adrenal stress quiz and book in either face to face or online. Make your payment online. The cost is $70.00.
2. Steve or Heidi will give you a comprehensive health screen. They will ask your current symptoms, and your broader history which can affect your symptoms.
3. They’ll tell you what you need to do to move forward and run you through some package options.

Consultations can be face to face or online. Just fill out your details below and Steve & Heidi will be in touch with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a Holistic Health Coach do? 

A. A holistic health coach looks at your current lifestyle habits and identify areas that need attention. The mainstream medical approach is to generally treat the symptom – often with medication which leads to a side effect – which can leave the root cause unaddressed. We see symptoms as your body language. It’s trying to tell you something. Rather than medicate (unless in an emergency situation) we teach you to understand the language of your body and how to treat the issue naturally.

Q. How do you assess people?

A. Steve & Heidi will run you through an adrenal stress quiz, take your health history, previous diagnoses and current symptoms, then piece this together and provide an alternative point of view as to the root cause of the stress & inflammation. Have you had test after test without any answers? Do your symptoms still remain?  Most medical testing methods are not entirely accurate, which can leave many chronic sufferers frustrated and without answers. They will also assess your nutrition, sleep habits, gut function, current stress levels and exercise habits. 

Q. Where are you based?

A. The Jennings’ are based in Tauranga, and we work with clients all over the world.

Our Journey

Suffering chronic health issues in 2016, Heidi spent the best part of two years recovering from environmental toxicity. This resulted in skin issues, vertigo and anxiety, followed by medicinal side effects that did not treat the root symptom. Feeling let down by conventional medicine, more natural alternatives also proved fruitless. Through many months of research, tears, trial and error, together Steve & Heidi found an alternative way to heal naturally. They have since coached people across the world with remarkable success, co authored an #1 Amazon Best Selling book, have a combined experience of over 20 years, and are on a mission to share their unique story and method with 500,000 people around the world.

Steve Jennings

Holistic Health Coach

20 years industry experience

Certified Performance Nutrition

Certified FMS Practitioner

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Heidi Jennings

Holistic Health Coach (Plant Based Nutrition Specialist)

Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition

Bachelor of Arts Waikato University

Certified Life Coach

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

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