Nutrition & Immunity During COVID

60 Minute Advanced Holistic Immunity Workshop For Families & Businesses and the Self Employed

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It seems like everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing to boost your immunity right now – authorities say vaccination is the best, pro choice advocates believe they have the answers, and really on both sides nobody has 100% of the answers. There is still a lot of confusion out there.

Hi, Steve & Heidi Jennings here, we have a combined 20 years in the health & wellness industry. We work with people EVERYDAY that have chronic infections stemming from viruses & bacteria. We also have a 95% success rate at resolving these issues using advanced strategies for our clients, when many practitioners do not acknowledge a viral issue even exists! We’ve even had trained medical professionals ask us to consult on chronic disease.

“I am a board certified Psychiatric Nurse based in Kansas USA. I have 30 years experience in the medical field. I also am a trained cardiologist and have a background in infectious diseases. These guys are the real deal! I had a known viral load that Doctors did not acknowledge were contributing to my symptoms. Steve honed in on these viral issues and showed me how to take back control” Jennifer Reed FNP, PMHNP

Alex and Tyral Battled With Doctors and Specialists For Answers, Until We Identified The True Cause Of Their Chronic Health Issues - A Viral Infection

The Big Threats That Are Coming

Supplement Confusion – There are plenty of supplements you can take, but a lot of the information does not take into account other factors in the lifestyle which can negate the supplements you are taking! This means the supplements are not beneficial without a holistic approach to immunity. Supplements are only one piece of the puzzle and should be thought of as such.

Another problem is the ongoing issues that businesses and the self employed will face after this initial wave of infections. Influenza season is about to hit us next. The borders are going to open, and seasonal viral strains will be brought into the country. If people do not recover properly from this COVID virus, the immune system will not be ready to face influenza. This will mean more sick days, and potentially a lasting effect of fatigue reducing productivity and increasing staff sick days. Mental health issues and other health issues will flare up for some sufferers as a result.

Confusion around long COVID – Yes long COVID is a thing, but it’s not necessarily what many people think. I have mentioned last year that people who were experiencing symptoms like chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis were mistaking these symptoms as being COVID caused. They’re not – Covid just triggered a dormant virus in that persons body. Now they are stuck with a new health issue and often a misdiagnosis – Just like Alex & Tyral in the videos above.

Other Problems That Families, Businesses and Staff Are Facing Right Now And In The Coming Months

  • Confusion around immunity – people can take vaccination yet still lead a very unhealthy lifestyle that contradicts vaccination and immunity
  • Lack of clear concise information for natural immunity
  • Fear of vaccine booster side effects
  • Risk of long term symptoms resulting in Long COVID such as fatigue
  • In some cases, existing health issues being flared up due to COVID as a trigger (depression, anxiety, joint pain, menopause symptoms, insomnia, gut issues etc)
  • Staff absenteeism increasing workload on others, leading to stress related health issues for over worked staff
  • Influenza season following up on an already stressed and compromised workforce
  • Potential costs for businesses could explode
  • Living costs rising which lead to more stress related health issues

We Need A Clear Holistic Nutrition & Immunity Solution to Ensure Quick Recovery From Infection, And Reduce Chances Of Future Infection

We Need:

  • A clear holistic antiviral approach that includes routines for sleep, nutrition, gut health, exercise and addressing stress
  • to understand the difference between viral triggers that weaken the immune system and causes that create symptoms
  • step-by-step plan to prepare the body for booster shots and reduce vaccine side effects for adults and children (if you are choosing vaccination)
  • a holistic plan to avoid long covid and increase resilience to influenza season

What's The Economic Impact Of COVID Related Issues On Your Family Or Business?

If you are self employed, can you afford to take extra time off due to longterm COVID related issues? Ask yourself – what does it cost you each day if you can’t work?

If you own a business with staff, How much does it cost you in wages to pay a staff member who is sick each day? $300 per day?

What is the cost to you for low productivity due to fatigue?

If you are worried about your family, you need to know how you can recover affordably and negate the rising cost of living. Can you afford repeat Doctors visits?

Here's What You Get When You Join The Holistic Nutrition & Immunity Workshop

  • Replay Of The Live 60 Minute Workshop On Zoom
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • A sample antiviral meal plan you can execute right away
  • A full list of viral triggers that weaken the immune system
  • A holistic approach to immunity taking into account stress, sleep and gut issues
  • Advanced immunity strategies to use at the first sign of infection
  • A list of viral foods to avoid
  • Learn the key difference between viral triggers and causes - this is where people get confused
  • An approach to fit all budgets
  • A beakdown of supplement options and the ones that you need

Just $59.95 per family ($30.00 for existing clients)

There is no need to risk long term health issues, economic pressure and confusion – get advice from experts who have a proven track record and take advantage of this very special offer!

100% Money Back Guarantee

There’s no risk on your part – We believe that the information we provide is going to be so advanced and so valuable to your family, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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