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New Zealand Chambers of Commerce

NZ Chambers of Commerce

Break free of embarrassing hot flushes, uncomfortable stubborn bodyfat, crippling anxiety and mood swings that affect your relationship. It’s time for you to take back control!

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I wish someone told me about… reducing stress.

Stress and uncertainty have a massive effect on the body, and emotional stress can manifest as physical symptoms in the body, such and inflammation and pain.

New Zealand Herald

NZ Herald

When it comes to weight loss, everyone is looking for the magic bullet. Steve informs the community how we should shift our focus instead.

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The majority of people live a fast paced life trying to find a work/ life balance – read the Good Health Guide by Steve and Heidi here

Read our new article – Staying Healthy and Happy in the Silly Season. You can find it on page 52.

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Katikati Advertiser

Your local advertising newsletter brought to you digitally. Read all about our journey as holistic health coaches and our path to a healthier, happy future. Read our article on page 32.

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The Fresh Minds Podcast

Listen to our podcast with The Fresh Minds discussing what it means to be healthy and society’s approach on health. 

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Read all about our latest article on Sunlive. Take charge of your health this year with tips and tricks from the Jennings Team.

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Elephant Journal

Have a read of our article in Elephant Journal. Achieving your goals is impossible without this one thing…

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