Let’s Cut the Crap and Get Real

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Who’s familiar with that annoying little habit of telling ourselves big little lies to justify our thoughts and behaviours? Not you? Well you are one unique human being! Most of us do it……daily.

I love my job, and a big part of that is meeting awesome people and seeing them achieve phenomenal breakthroughs with their health. Each person is different, yet they all ultimately want the same thing; good health and an overall feeling of contentment.

Sometimes I have the interesting task of digging deeper, reading between the lines and cracking open some deeply-held beliefs and misconceptions that derail even the most committed and focused client. We can cling to these subconscious little nuggets for a lifetime, until we uncover them, face them head on and kick them in the guts.


Here’s a few examples of the big little lies we tell ourselves, and the brutal truth behind them:

“I eat really well. I have lots of fruit and vegetables, I’ll treat myself to a chocolate muffin once a week, and I only have a glass or two of wine each night!” (Brutal truth: I’m dependent on the wine and my liver is struggling like you wouldn’t believe).

“I agree to take on extra commitments because I like being involved and love to help out!” (Brutal truth: I am a serial people-pleaser and don’t know how to say no).

“My daily exercise class helps me deal with stress and gives me energy to get through the day!” (Brutal truth: I am so overwhelmed that my body is flooded with adrenaline and I can’t switch off).

“I get plenty of sleep. I go to bed at 10pm and wake at 6am and get a full 8 hours!” (Brutal truth: I toss and turn all night and wake up exhausted).

“My partner and I have nothing in common, but we never argue!” (Brutal truth: we tolerate each other for the sake of the kids and it’s draining the life out of me).

Oh, the lies! Or should I say, the bending of truth in order to convince ourselves that our behaviour is okay. The thing is……every one of us has a gut instinct that knows better. It reveals itself in all sorts of different ways – a queasy tummy when something isn’t right, a nagging voice in the back of our mind (that we often swiftly tell to shut up), a deep ‘knowing’ that you can’t explain, but can sense. Your gut instinct is never wrong, and it will never let you down.

What big little lies are you telling yourself, and what does your gut have to say on the subject?

Sit still, be quiet, and listen. If you know you are doing something that is depleting your sense of health and well-being, now might be the time to cut the crap, get real, and set yourself free.

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