Life Flows Nicely When I Do This One Thing

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…..and this one thing has a very powerful effect on the rest of my life.

What is it, you ask? Can you guess?

Eating well. You most likely already know my definition of that but as a reminder I mean lots of fruits and veges, wholegrains, legumes, delicious smoothies and juices, very little to zero alcohol, no meat or dairy products, and limited processed and packaged food.

When I eat well, I:

smelling food image

Am ready to get out of bed in the morning and face the day.

Am more likely to spend the time preparing a nutritious breakfast for myself and the kids.

Do the required household chores quickly and efficiently.

Easily stay focused on my work.

Am motivated to go for a walk or do a yoga class.

Have plenty of energy throughout the day.

Am less likely to raise my voice or lose patience with my kids.

Am motivated to cook a healthy dinner.

Enjoy socialising and spending time with other people.

Have the capacity to help others as a coach.

Am likely to have a deep, restful sleep to set me up for the next day.

And when I don’t eat well? Every single one of those ticks turn into crosses! Truth!

I can guarantee you 100%, that if you start eating well, your whole life will change for the better!

Skeptical? Try it!

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