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Video 1. Understanding your Adrenal Stress Quiz Results
In this video I help you understand the symptoms assosciated with each level of adrenal dysfunction. You must complete your Adrenal Stress Quiz first before watching the video. (Link is at the top of this page)

Video 2. How to Control Cortisol Naturally – Here I teach you how to control your cortisol hormones using food. This is important to help you wind down and sleep each night.

Video 3. Sleep & Elimination – The two most important things you need to monitor each day.

Video 4. Pre-Bed Routine – To wind down each day, you must follow a specific routine to help you sleep. A pre bed routine will teach your cortisol hormones to switch off at night so you can sleep. But there is an art to it, and it’s something that must be followed closely.

Video 5. Stress – Stress is an absolute killer for your results. Small amounts of stress is ok, but ongoing stress will suppress the immune system. I am focusing on unresolved emotional stress here as this is an area often overlooked. But work stress, food stress and a fast paced non stop lifestyle contributes to this problem too.

Video 6. Gut Bacteria – Your gut bacteria helps digest your food and create key mood stabilising hormones and even sleep hormones. Here’s how to maximise the function of your gut colony.

Video 7. Animal Protein – Animal protein is very filling, but it can be tough to digest if you have a stressful lifestyle and have low hydrochloric acid to digest it. Here’s how much animal protein to consume daily to help you to achieve your goal. Also there is a key trick that you need to follow every week to maintain a good metabolism. Not many people know this, so it’s really important that you check this out. If you are following Heidi’s Plant Based meal plan, then you don’t have to have animal protein.

Video 8. Fasting – Fasting is great for some people, but terrible for others. Is it good for you? I’ll tell you in this video.

Video 9. Water Target – How much water should you drink? I’ll answer that here, plus a key ingredient to add to your water each day to fast track your healing.

Video 10. Exercise – High intensity training is good for 14 day effortless exercise programme coversome people, but terrible for others. Most people will be fine to exercise with walking, but if you want to push yourself harder, how do you know which level of intensity you should train at?

Below you can download these exercise videos to your device and the exercise manual. Right click and select “save as” .

Click On link And Download Exercise Program Manual 14 Day Effortless Exercise & Stretching Programme

Video 11. Supplementation – These are specific supplements that I recommend for all my Menopause clients. The great thing is that they solve many more health symptoms, not just menopause issues. They also boost your immune system. If you are on medication, these should not be an issue but do check with the pharmacist/chemist first.

Video 12: How The Menopause Nutrition Plan Works. This video will help you understand how easy the nutrition plan is to follow. The objective is simple – make this fit your budget at all times, stick to the food that fits your taste buds and make it work for the family.

Video 13: Detox Side Effects to Expect. Most women will suffer some side effects of healing. We call these “Detox Side Effects.” Your symptoms may get worse before they get better. This is very normal during a healing journey.

It’s Time To Take Action. You have enough information now to get started on your journey. It is now up to you to roll up your sleeves and take action. Go to it!

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