Menopause Secrets Video #2

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In video #2, Steve discusses how the current fitness industry trends make things worse for our menopausal women. High intensity training, mixed with poor sleep and chronic dehydration from hot flushes or temperature fluctuations are a recipe for disaster for menopausal women.

Then when you follow low carb diets and starve, how are our menopausal women supposed to keep on top of things?

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Are You Stuck? Feel Like You've Tried Everything? Well, You're Not The Only One!

Top real estate agent Janet O’shea was hostage to embarassing hot flushes. She used progesterone cream which didn’t work. Michelle Sergent is a nurse and had been suffering from a long list of health issues for 11 years before she used our breakthrough program.

Steve and Heidi have been featured both local and global articles, sharing their strategies with women world wide.

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Steve and Heidi have a strong philosophy about the personal journey that people need to face and believe that the experiences you encounter during your life (both good and bad) are there to help you grow stronger and wiser.

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