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Let me share with you why low-carbohydrate diets are a very bad idea. Remember that thing about ‘don’t eat carbs at night or you’ll store them as body fat’? That’s a very unfortunate myth that’s been given way too much air-time and is causing some serious problems……

We have a very important hormone called cortisol. It’s our ‘alert hormone’, which wakes us up in the morning and gets us up and going. Ideally, cortisol needs to be high in the morning, then taper off during the day until it’s low at night and we’re ready for sleep. If you consider yourself to be a ‘night owl’ who gets their second wind or functions best in the evening, it’s likely your cortisol levels are out of whack and the opposite of what they should be – i.e. instead of high in the morning and low at night, they’re the opposite.

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Carbohdrates help LOWER your cortisol levels and prepare you for a deep restful sleep. That’s why you need them at night. Think about babies – if you want a baby to sleep through the night, you need to make sure they have a full tummy before bed. Adults are no different. Carbohydrates are also full of fibre which helps with daily elimination. SLEEP AND ELIMINATION ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE TOOLS FOR WEIGHTLOSS.

If you become carb depleted during the day, another hormone called adrenaline ramps up. Adrenaline is your ‘survival’ hormone (ie. fight or flight) and when this kicks in, your body goes into survival mode and can’t burn body fat. Too many people these days are living off adrenaline – coffee in the morning to wind up, alcohol in the evening to wind down, followed by poor quality sleep, and the cycle continues. If your goal is weightloss, you MUST lower your adrenaline so that your fat-burning enzymes can be switched ON. Eating carbohydrates is the way to do this.

When you eat plant-based, whole foods, the majority of your calories (80%) come from simple and complex carbohydrates – the ones that break down slowly in the body to produce long-lasting energy and get you through the day. They help you achieve deep restful sleep and regular daily elimination, from which weight loss is a byproduct.

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On my 12-week Plant-Based Ultimate Health Breakthrough Programme, I provide you with meal plans which follow these guidelines. I also coach you on how to get your sleep and daily elimination working correctly, because without these, you can’t achieve optimal health. Our programme has a 95% success rate, and every person who completes it EATS CARBS AT NIGHT! It’s not uncommon to see people losing between 8-10 kg over 6 weeks with this method.

What are your thoughts on carbohydrates? Low carb, high carb and everything in between?

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