Are you spending thousands on gym memberships and diets to lose stubborn body fat, yet NOTHING changes?

Are you feeling stuck with a thyroid issue that may be preventing weight loss?

Are you constantly yoyo dieting and struggling to find a sustainable weight loss programme?

You can lose stubborn body fat, reverse thyroid disease and break free from dieting trends and health industry claims while still eating real food!

Steve & Heidi Jennings

Here’s why mainstream Health & Fitness advice isn’t working for people like you – there are too many confusing contradictions, trends and advice that don’t even address the root cause of why your body won’t lose body fat.


Steve & Heidi here, we have over 17 years in the Health, Well Being and Fitness industries with a 90% success record helping people just like you reverse their stubborn bodyfat and thyroid issues.

The essential key is to address all five areas of your health:

  • Sleep.
  • Eating the right food.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Correct exercise.
  • Gut function.

If just one of these five issues isn’t working effectively then you will become frustrated, achieve nothing and waste thousands of dollars…….  as well as a LOT of time and energy.

Amanda Struggled With KETO Before Jumping On My Plan

“I have an inactive thyroid and recently have gone through menopause. I had sore joints and I lacked energy to exercise. Struggled to lose weight for a long time – maybe 5 years, and also tried the keto diet which didn’t work.

After six weeks on the program, I’ve lost 8kgs, This is a sustainable way of life, not a diet. I would recommend this program to anybody that is tired of trying to lose weight, doing it by themselves. It is worth every cent. Thanks Steve!”

Amanda Collins (50’s)

A Programme With A 90% Success Record – The Stubborn Bodyfat Reset Programme

It’s taken us 17 years of experience and thousands of dollars to get this programme to the level of success where it is now.

My mission is to transform the lives of 500,000 people around the world who are stuck and are looking to break free from the bondage of thyroid issues, yoyo diets, stubborn bodyfat and the frustration of misinformation that is not serving them well.

Inside my Stubborn Bodyfat & Thyroid Reset Programme you will find in depth, alternative coaching modules and easy to follow recipes so you can tackle your stubborn bodyfat and thyroid disorder.

These are the modules we’ll cover during your journey.

Stress Module

  • Learn why stress hormones will stop you losing weight and how to manage excess adrenaline.
  • I’ll identify limiting types of stress that you need to be aware of.
  • How to address stressful and unhappy relationships so you can burn fat and restore a balanced mood.
  • How to reduce your stress hormones at home easily.
  • Learn which foods are increasing your stress and inflammation.

Healing Food Plan Module

  • Which foods thyroid disease sufferers need to both include and avoid to reverse your condition.
  • Recommended over the counter supplements to help you heal and increase your liver function.
  • Learn how much animal protein to eat each day.
  • Learn one simple hack that keeps your weight loss sustainable and when to use it.
  • Learn how often you should weigh yourself.
  • Discover other factors that may stop you losing weight.
  • Follow an easy meal plan that costs approx. $15 to $17 per day.
  • Plant based and family friendly food food plans also available.

Exercise Module

  • How to find out the level of exercise intensity suitable for you right now.
  • Access to over 300 workouts on my Facebook private group.
  • Optional bodyweight, dumbbell & kettle bell workouts.
  • Learn why some people are exercising too much.
  • How less exercise can help you lose more weight and keep it off!

Gut Health Module

  • How to raise your digestive acids for better digestion & absorption.
  • Why elimination (bowel function) is one of the keys to your success.
  • How to raise the function of your liver and reduce stress on your adrenal glands.
  • Learn the foods that actually raise the function of your liver and brain.
  • Reverse issues like gas, reflux, nasal congestion, bloating and IBS easily.
  • Potentially break free of medications for good.
  • Learn how to fight unproductive bacteria and viruses in the body.

Healing Sleep Module

  • Learn what foods boost sleep hormones and switch off stress hormones in the evening.
  • Find out why sleep is the best fat burner – better than any exercise you’re doing!
  • Sleep through the night uninterrupted and feel refreshed and great in the morning.
  • Learn the number one, effective sleep routine that has changed the lives of so many clients.
  • Discover the exact system that I used to reverse insomnia in an 81 year old without medication.

Are you ready to break free of stubborn bodyfat and thyroid issues?

Are you sick of wasting endless money?

Want to learn about a sustainable and healthier lifestyle?


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Look what Heather had to say

“Hi Steve, I am thrilled! I am now waking refreshed and am clear headed during the whole day. From day one I was able to eliminate some of my daily medications. My cholesterol has gone down 3 points. From Jan 20 till march 3rd I have lost 7.1kg easily. Total loss this year 8.5kg. Steve, you give practical advice in a patient caring manner. I know my body has to find its own natural weight. I recommend your programme to everyone!  Thanks! Heather”

This is what you can expect from The Reset Programme with a 90% chance of getting breakthrough results:

  • An easy to follow, flexible meal plan that can fit around families.
  • A sustainable lifestyle plan to help you break free from yoyo diets and mainstream confusion.
  • Weekly coaching to support and guide you through the process step by step.
  • six week or 12 week coaching option.
  • No expensive meal replacements or protein powders.
  • Lose stubborn bodyfat by focussing on healing the body first.
  • Control blood sugars levels and cravings.
  • Feel great in clothes again and restore your confidence!
  • Gain extra benefits: less joint pain, decreased menopause symptoms and clearing up gut issues or skin conditions.
"I had lost weight on my own but then became stuck. I started working with Steve and I'm currently maintaining a loss of over 20kgs for a total of over two years!" Jo (50's)
“I lost 11kgs in 5 weeks on Steve’s programme. It wasn’t just the food, it was the broad approach that helped me.” Ash
"Hey Steve! Here's my pic at 10kgs lost after just four weeks. So far I've lost over 15kgs. It's been a lifechanger!" Joe
"I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years" Rebecca (50's)
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri
“I dropped over 20kgs. The lightest I’ve been for over 20 years. Maintained for over 2 years. I I almost didn’t do this programme – I’m grateful I did. This has changed my life.” Sandra (50’s)
“I dropped over 20kgs. The lightest I’ve been for over 20 years. Maintained for over 2 years. I I almost didn’t do this programme – I’m grateful I did. This has changed my life.” Sandra (50’s)
"I worked out hard four to five times per week and struggled to lose weight. Switched to Steve's programme, lost 7kgs and got to my lightest in 22 years!" Shar
“At 60 years old I dropped 25kgs in just 16 weeks, and I’m easily maintaining!” Brian

You’ve seen the evidence and know that my plan works. It has a 90% success rate. If you are sick and tired of your thyroid and weight issues then this is your opportunity to do something about it.


Save Money

I want you to consider how much money you have spent on weightloss. $1500 per year? Perhaps over $200 per week on supplements, medications or personal trainers? Has it been more than $20,000 over your lifetime? How much moneydo you think you’ve spent? think?

How many hours have you been researching the internet looking for a quick fix?

Are you spending too much time exercising but nothing ever changes?


When you improve your health you will also extend your employment lifespan and financial earning capacity. So if you increase your working lifespan by five years then how much extra income could you potentially earn with good health? $400,000? More?

My programme is extremely unique and that is why I achieve extraordinary results. I believe this six week coaching programme is worth over $1,000.00 to someone who is stuck with health issues, has spent thousands of dollars on unsucessful  programmes/medications and years searching for solutions. But I’m not asking for $1,000 because I want you to access this innovative programme for yourself!

Our 100% natural coaching programme has a 90% success rate and is an investment of only $849.00 (six or 12 week option).

I will work with you as your personal coach on a weekly basis alongside group coaching options and self-administered programmes to suit your budget.

Are you ready to commit and invest in a flexible provided plan with a professional and very experienced coach? If you are interested to learn more simply get in touch with me now for a free consultation!

Our mission is to utilise my vast experience to fast track you and 500,000 others to live the full and rich life you desire.

I have a 90% success rate.

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