The breakthrough program that I personally created goes against the mainstream advice you have been taught. It’s unique, advanced, sustainable and has a 90% success rate. Some of these people below have maintained their results for 18 months and counting.

14Kgs Gone
32kgs Gone in 2018
"I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years" Rebecca (50's)
10kgs Gone in 12 Weeks
10kgs Gone in 12 Weeks
"I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years" Rebecca (50's)

After 13 years of stubborn weight and constant fear, Paula is finally free from her past.

“First of all, I would like to thank you for making things clear and understanding, before meeting you and starting your program, I was not in a good state of mind. I had very low motivation and my energy levels were so low that it came to a point where I was unable to get out of bed in the morning. The little things in life were so hard to accomplish, getting the kids ready for school, housework or even getting dressed. I would also have a very short fuse, I would attack everyone, snap at the kids and be aggressive towards people – especially my husband. Most of the time I was an emotional wreck.

Before starting Steve’s program I was in a domestic relationship 3 years prior which lasted 10 years, throughout those 10 years I had no idea that the amount of stress that i was taking on was effecting my body internally. This explained a lot about why I was acting the way I was and has made me understand what stress can do to your body.

My eating habits were not good, I would eat everything I could get my hands on, I had no control of what I was putting in my mouth, but now I am able to not only say NO to the bad food, I noticed that my taste buds have changed and also my sense of smell.

The obstacle that would have prevented me from doing this program would have been the money, but when Steve mentioned to me that he offered a payment plan, that worked out fine for me.

The major things that were wrong before i started the program were: Not having the energy to get out of bed in the morning, sleeping wasn’t good and my eating habits were bad. I would find it hard to have my doors open in fear that my ex partner would turn up and attack me. Even going out in public having the thought in my mind that he could be around, I was always watching my back. All of these things now have improved and I now have the energy to get out of bed, I am sleeping better and eating a well balanced diet. I have also developed an attitude, “I don’t give a F-Attitude”. The fear is no longer hovering over my head. I have learned to let go of the fear.

All of this has lead me to lower my stress levels, have my sense of humour back and am able to have fun with the kids instead of being up tight and stressed.
I am still on the road to recovery, but with the knowledge that I have gained I know I can carry on with living a full life.

Thank you Steve for getting me back on track with my health, It could have been worse if i hadn’t have reached out.” Paula

I Have Completed over 9000 Coaching Sessions and Have Helped Hundreds of People Reach Their Health Goals.

25kgs Gone in 7 Months
10kgs Gone in 12 Weeks
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri
"I had lost weight on my own but then became stuck. I started working with Steve and I'm currently maintaining a loss of over 20kgs for a total of over two years!" Jo (50's)
“I dropped over 20kgs. The lightest I’ve been for over 20 years. Maintained for over 2 years. I I almost didn’t do this programme – I’m grateful I did. This has changed my life.” Sandra (50’s)

Other Life Changing Results Achieved By Doing The Exact OPPOSITE To What You Have Been Taught By The Fitness Industry

“After 42 days my anxiety is 100% better!” 
Caitlin, (20’s) Matamata

“I was exercising HARD four to five times per week….and I couldn’t lose weight. Steve told me to stop exercising. I was sceptical at first, because after all we’re told the harder you exercise the more calories you burn right? But he was right. I dropped 7kgs in just 42 days and I only walked……ONCE. My lightest in 25 YEARS!” 
Shar, Tauranga

“I’ve lost 20kgs in just three months with Steve’s program. This program has been really sustainable.”
Viv Van Veen (60’s) Teacher, Arataki

“I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight in the past 12 months including the Keto Diet. Steve’s program is the only one that worked, and my menopause symptoms reduced by about 50% in just 7 days!”
Jo, (40’s) Tauranga

“I was sceptical to say the least. I have very stubborn bodyfat and have suffered chronic anxiety for the past four years. After 3 weeks on Steve’s program I had lost almost 6kgs and had experienced not one anxiety attack for a whole seven days…the first time in FOUR years!!”
Shelle, (30’s) Katikati

“I had been suffering stubborn weight and poor sleep for 18 months. During my first coaching call, Steve told me to STOP training altogether for two weeks…. I lost 5kgs EASILY. I was blown away!”
Cherie, (40’s) Hamilton

If you are stuck and frustrated, you don’t keep doing the same thing – you try something completely different.

Lose up to 10kgs, reduce menopause symptoms, depression and anxiety in the next 42 days. All natural. No expensive supplements. No gym memberships. 100% Guaranteed. Available world wide. To book a free consultation contact me now.

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