The Ultimate Menopause Transformation For Professional Women

How to halve your menopause symptoms naturally in as little as 7 days

Are you dragging yourself through each day exhausted after another sleepless night? Are you suffering from embarrassing hot flushes that seem untamable? Well, Here's How To Easily Halve Your Menopause Symptoms in As Little As 7 Days!

Women across the world have been suffering for years – and sometimes decades – with menopause symptoms that reduce their quality of life, and impact the lives of the people closest to them. 

Just listen to Audrey. Before her lifechanging breakthrough, her menopause symptoms had been ruining her quality of life for 14 years! She spent upwards of $5000 on everything she could find, but nothing worked.

Desperate, she found out about our holistic wellness programme. Just seven days after starting The Ultimate Menopause Breakthrough Programme for Professional Women, her hot flushes had halved. Click on the video and listen to her powerful story.

Welcome to Jennings Holistic Health Coaching! We are Steve & Heidi Jennings – Holistic Health Coaches, number #1 Amazon Best Selling Authors, and the creators of The Ultimate Menopause BreakthroughFor Professional Women - Challenge Starts Monday July 11

We work with professional women every single day who struggle with the same old symptoms – hot flushes, anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, stubborn bodyfat and mood swings to name a few. “Why me?” they ask. “Why do I get intolerable symptoms while other women breeze through menopause?”

Here’s the problem – What happens when you have tried everything? Where do you turn when you feel like you’ve listened to every expert and still feel stuck?
Most menopause treatments like HRT never address the root cause of the symptoms. Women commonly use HRT treatment but never look holistically at their lifestyle – such as the past or the present issues for example.

Blaming hormones does not give you any answers. If hormones were to blame….. then why do other women breeze through menopause with no symptoms? If hormones were to blame, then every woman would suffer! And clearly that just does not happen. Why do women as young as their early thirties and as late as their sixties still suffer temperature fluctuations among other symptoms? 

Yes, hormones can contribute to symptoms, but this is not the root cause – it’s the TRIGGER. And without understanding the 20+ triggers that flare up your menopause symptoms, you will struggle. And as long as you are stuck, your professional and private relationships are affected too!

The Good News Is, You Can Halve Your Menopause Symptoms In As Little As Seven Days - And The Longer You Follow The Programme, The Better The Results!

Here's What's Included In The The Ultimate Menopause Transformation Challenge For Professional Women

menopause transformation manual coverThe Ultimate Menopause Transformation Manual – straight to the point coaching cues with advanced strategies that eliminate myths and fads. This manual will explain what’s really creating your symptoms. Once you understand the real issues you need to focus on there’s no turning back. You’ve got it for life. Value $197.00

The Ultimate Menopause Hack Coaching Videos – Holistic video series that reveals the five functional pillars of health as designed by Amazon best selling authors Steve & Heidi Jennings’ over 20 years experience. Follow the system to reduce hot flushes, anxiety, stubborn bodyfat, improve gut function and create life long habits. Value $197.00

14 Day Shred Your Stubborn Bodyfat Meal Plan – No thought required, no weird food, just follow what we’ve set out for you and let your body do the rest. Use the plan over and over again as long as you need to, creating long term sustainable results. Value $147.00

Happy Hormones Family Friendly Recipe Ebook – There’s no need to cook two different meals or spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. Quick recipes using plenty of fruits & vegetables keep your hormones happy and the family too, not to mention achieving the goal of reducing your menopause symptoms. Value $97.00

Everything you need to know is laid out for you to reduce effort and time, giving you the relief you need in as little as 7 days. Recycle the plan over and over, creating longterm sustainable success and compounding the value of the programme. Total value $638.00 – also saving you years of frustration and potentially thousands of dollars.

Our Price Is Just $299.00

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Join The Ultimate Menopause Transformation Challenge For Professional Women ($638.00 value) right now for just $299.00. Be one of the next 20 people and get these extra $165 bonuses FREE. Entries close 5pm Sunday July 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t like healthy food! – The food is super tasty. If you like fruits and vegetables then you will love this!
  2. I’ll have to cook two separate meals! – The family will love the food you prepare, because we use normal food.
  3. Buying healthy food is confusing! – We’ll give you a grocery list to help you buy the food you need. Natural whole foods are perfect for this plan.
  4. Do I have to weigh my food? – You don’t need to weigh food. Our portion sizes are so easy to follow. 
  5. I’ve tried every diet, this won’t work! – As you can see, our testimonials prove that our programme is unique and this is one plan that you haven’t tried before. If you don’t try something different, nothing changes!
  6. I travel often! – We’ll give you easy snacks you can take to work and while you are travelling you can still eat out. We will teach you better to make better choices.
  7. Do I need to be perfect with my diet – The goal is to be 80% adherent. This leaves you some wiggle room for special occasions.
  8. Healthy food is expensive! – You’ll be able to adjust this plan to suit your family budget. 
  9. I don’t have time to exercise! – You won’t need to do any extra exercise from what you do right now – even if that is zilch!
  10. I always end up hungry when losing weight! – The beauty with this plan is that you’ll be able to eat more every now and then, including a cheat meal each week.
  11. I don’t want to stop drinking alcohol – You can drink one to two times per week. But if you want to drink alcohol every night we can’t help you.

Join The Ultimate Menopause Transformation Challenge For Professional Women ($638.00 value) right now for just $299.00. Be one of the next 20 people and get these extra $165 bonuses FREE. Entries close 5pm July 10.