The Women’s 14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge

Drop 3 to 5kgs For Christmas

Have you been so busy looking after everyone else that you forgot to focus on yourself?

Have the end of year work celebrations caught up with your waistline?

Are you nervous about getting into your swimwear this summer?

Well, Here’s a super quick, super easy, 100% natural way to drop between 3 to 5kgs before Christmas!

Challenge starts Sunday December 11 – limited to 50 people only

We know that for many women the run up to Christmas – you’re busy doing a million things at once – shopping for presents, organising family members, rounding up the loose ends at work, overeating at the work Christmas function, negotiating the endless shopping queues and Christmas traffic…..the list goes on!

The extra demands are compounded by the ever imposing deadline of Christmas Day. This means we can take our eye off the ball with our health and those pesky Pre Christmas kilos creep up in no time….

That’s why we have created a super easy, super quick way to get weight off – in fact it’s so effective that we often have women drop between 3 to 5kgs and men drop between 5 to 7kgs. Just look at Alaina. She lost over 4kgs in just 14 days!

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Alaina Lost Over 4kgs in Just 14 Days

Welcome to Jennings Holistic Health Coaching! We are Steve & Heidi Jennings – Holistic Health Coaches, number #1 Amazon Best Selling Authors, and the creators of The 14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge.

The Jennings Team

Our work has been featured in national and international publications in New Zealand and reached millions of people around the world.

We have over 20 years in the health & fitness industry, and we can tell you, there are some well kept secrets that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know about. 

They want you to believe that you need to live on phony supplement powders, fad diets and hours of high intensity high impact training to get the weight loss you deserve and keep it off. 

Here’s the problem – what happens when you are waking up tired from another night of poor sleep and living off adrenalin from excess coffee each day? How do you recover from hard workouts when you can’t even sleep properly?

The answer is you don’t recover. You simply end up increasing your hunger and running yourself into the ground. The gym industry can’t sell you sleep. And sleep is one of the best ways to lose bodyfat. 

The reality is that you can lose significant weight and keep it off with less effort.

You just need to find a more intelligent method. And that’s what the 14 Day Pre-Christmas Shred Challenge is. An intelligent, smarter way to lose weight quickly, improve sleep and increase energy.

Yes, You Can Drop Significant Weight In Just 14 Days - And The Longer You Follow The Programme, The Better The Results!

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Kerri Lost Over 13kgs
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Rebecca Lost Over 15kgs

Here's What's Included In The 14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge Starting December 11

Join The 14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge right now for just $97.00. Limited to 50 people only! Register your spot now. Starts December 11!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t like healthy food! – The food is super tasty. If you like fruits and vegetables then you will love this!
  2. I’ll have to cook two separate meals! – The family will love the food you prepare, because we use normal food.
  3. Buying healthy food is confusing! – We’ll give you a grocery list to help you buy the food you need. Natural whole foods are perfect for this plan.
  4. Do I have to weigh my food? – You don’t need to weigh food. Our portion sizes are so easy to follow. There is no calorie counting either.
  5. I’ve tried every diet, this won’t work! – As you can see, our testimonials prove that our programme is unique and this is one plan that you haven’t tried before. If you don’t try something different, nothing changes! Please do not sign up if you are not prepared to make changes as we will not refund you for a lack of commitment or a change of mind.
  6. Do I need to be perfect with my diet – The goal is to be 80% adherent. This leaves you some wiggle room for pre Christmas events. You will still have a cheat meal each week.
  7. Healthy food is expensive! – You’ll be able to adjust this plan to suit your family budget. 
  8. I don’t have time to exercise! – You won’t need to do any extra exercise from what you do right now – even if that is zilch!
  9. I always end up hungry when losing weight! – The beauty with this plan is that you’ll be able to eat more every now and then, including a cheat meal each week.
  10. I don’t want to stop drinking alcohol – You can drink one night per week on this challenge. But if you want to drink alcohol every night we can’t help you.
  11. Do I need to buy supplements? No. Supplements are not compulsory. However, the supplements we recommend can be bought from any chemist or pharmacy.
  12. I have a chronic health issue. Will this work for me? Please note that this is a weight loss programme. If you are struggling with a chronic health issue, this is not the plan for you. Please contact
  13. What if I take medication? Keep taking your medication as directed.

Get The 14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge right now for the early bird price of just $97.00. Starts December 11! Be Quick 50 Spots Only!


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