Ultimate Health Breakthrough Programmes

The Ultimate Health Reset Package

Our programmes are 100% natural. With a holistic approach, we focus on improving your quality of life. We aim to keep things straightforward, sensible and sustainable – and most importantly, they actually work.

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Stubborn Bodyfat & Thyroid Issues

Inside our Stubborn Bodyfat & Thyroid Programme you will find in-depth, alternative coaching modules and easy to follow recipes so you can tackle your stubborn bodyfat and thyroid disorder. We’ll teach you the real cause of these issues, and deliver a tailor made approach specific to you.

Mental Health

Our comprehensive approach resolves anxiety, depression, brain fog, migraines and headaches that reduce your quality of life, impacting your work and relationships. Our medical system is not set up to coach you through a lifestyle change, but our approach will teach you the five functional pillars of health to create a sustainable long term lifestyle.

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Menopause Symptoms

Break free of embarrassing hot flushes, uncomfortable stubborn bodyfat, crippling anxiety and mood swings that affect your relationships. It’s time for you to take back control. Reduce your symptoms by 50% in as little as the next 14 days!

Joint Pain & Inflammation

Here’s the problem… our mainstream health system prioritises medication to address symptoms of pain but this doesn’t always target the underlying cause. When you address the root cause of your pain you will start to discover the reason why it exists. By implementing our natural approach to addressing Joint Pain & Inflammation your body will start to heal, addressing the hidden causes that you have not been aware of.

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About our

Qualifications & Training

Steve and Heidi have a strong philosophy about the personal journey that people need to face and believe that the experiences you encounter during your life (both good and bad) are there to help you grow stronger and wiser.

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The Ultimate Health Breakthrough

During the programme, we’ll cover the five key areas that you will need to concentrate on to break free of your issues. We can either coach you one to one or your partner can join in. We will personalise a nutrition plan to fit your needs, budget and arm you with the skills to regain control over your life.

Wellness Programmes


Get a personalised wellness nutrition programme that promotes healing, and break free of fad diets that cause more damage.

Holistic Health Coach


Identify the key exercise levels to help you recover and stop over stressing the body.

Wellness Programmes

Gut Health

Learn how to restore digestion, absorption and elimination. Remove troublemakers like pathogens and toxins.

Holistic Health Coach


Learn how to improve your quality of sleep to balance hormones.

Wellness Programmes

Address The Root Cause

Resolve emotional trauma in your life that manifests as a physical symptom and identify hidden causes of symptoms.