ATTENTION LADIES! Here's How Drop Up To 30kgs, Say Goodbye To Endless YOYO Diets, And Restore Your Health With Unlimited Support For The Next 12 Months

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Our 12 Month blueprint gives you commitment, accountability and unlimited support and resources to break through your ceiling and create sustainable habits that last a lifetime, for one small monthly fee.

Hi, Steve & Heidi here!

Let’s get to the point….

Are you sick and tired of your bodyweight yoyoing?

Have you tried every diet there is and yet you still can’t find your breakthrough for chronic pain and inflammation?

Are you struggling with poor sleep, hormone issues or gut trouble?

Sick and tired of being prescribed more and more medication?

And are you sick and tired of wasting time, effort and spending thousands of dollars getting nowhere?

Are you so confused that you don’t know where to start?

90% of people achieve results with support, unfortunately many people "fall off the wagon" when they go it alone, making the longterm success rate closer to just 40%.

You’re likely fall off the wagon due to a few reasons, but here are the main ones:

You get bored with the food.

You go on holiday and pig out.

You lack accountability.

You encounter a stressful event, and this manifests as an emotional response like overeating, drinking, gambling, drugs or over exercising, which all lead you back to where you started….which is –

Frustration. Your Symptoms Return. Quality Time With Your Family Diminishes. Your Self Confidence Deteriorates.

Here’s what you should do instead.

  1. Focus on a 12 month goal and break that goal into smaller habits. This helps you concentrate for a longer period of time, building what we call “habit endurance.”
  2. Build a strategy around school holidays, family holidays, long weekends, Christmas holidays and girls weekends. These are trigger points you need to address.
  3. Have a support person/community on hand wherever you go to help you breakthrough progress plateaus, stressful events and chronic illness.

A 12 month journey helps you shift from quick fast diets to sustainable results. This requires more mental and emotional endurance.

We got so frustrated with people falling off the wagon after doing so well on our program, we decided to put together a longer term program for you that included:

  1. Unlimited access to your coach. When you get stuck, reach out.
  2. Access to our specialist challenges held every month, including weight loss, thyroid, sleep, gut health, mental health, menopause and summer holiday maintenance programmes.
  3. Access to 20 plant based and regular meal plans the whole family can enjoy.
  4. And advanced strategies to over come colds & flu’s, long weekends, holidays and stressful events.

And the results have been fantastic!

We are Steve & Heidi Jennings, our work has been featured in national and international publications in and reached millions of people around the world. We’ve also transformed thousands of men and women across the world.

Heidi Healed Herslf From Chronic illness, And Wrote "From Living Hell To Living Well" Which Became An Amazon Best Seller!


Imagine Finally Restoring Your Energy & Self Confidence, Winding Back The Years And Breaking Through Chronic Illness & Emotional Eating. Eliminating YOYO Diets. Taking Back Control, And Living In Harmony With The Only Body You Have.

With a 12 Month World Of Holistic Wellness VIP Program You Get:

Unlimited access to family friendly recipes, meal plans and grocery lists so you never get bored with the food while you work towards your goal.

Unlimited access to your coach & community so you are always supported making your success rate higher – this will save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

Free entry to all of our monthly specialist challenges to that heal body and focus on weightloss, restoring deep sleep, mental health, digestive issues and hormone issues like menopause.

A one to one private coaching session which takes into account your personal goals and maps the path forward.

Monthly mindset life coaching to break self sabotaging behaviour, put boundaries around yourself and break emotional eating & drinking for good.

Advanced strategies to change your mindset around social events and family & public holidays which trip you up and derail progress.

Once you learn how to overcome stress & trauma, there is no need for emotional eating, drinking and over exercising – this is what establishes longterm habits and gets you off the yoyo for good, building your health and self confidence back up and saving you thousands of dollars, while you improve your energy and quality of life.

Margaret Reversed Her Fibromyalgia, Bloating, And Lost 11kgs – The Most Weight She Has Lost In 15 Years!

“The problem I had was yo-yo dieting, fibromyalgia, not sleeping very well, and arthritic pain in my hands. After 12 months, I don’t suffer as many body aches, I’m sleeping a lot better and I’m always ready to get up in the morning. Energy levels have dramatically increased. Bloating is gone. I’m also currently sitting at 11kgs weight loss – and I haven’t been this light in 15 years!

I highly recommend the year’s mentorship as it keeps you on track and helps to keep any little habits from creeping back in. Steve is great at dealing with any dietary health issues, it’s not all about losing the weight. He doesn’t make you feel a failure but is very encouraging and I always come away feeling inspired and uplifted with a few laughs along the way. It’s the longest I’ve kept the weight off and I know it’s going to be very sustainable! Thanks, Margaret”


We took our 20 years of tried, tested and proven coaching experience and wrapped it up into a 12 month program.

You get access to these specialist challenges and mindset coaching too!

The Thyroid Regenerator ($97 value)

volume 10 recipe

New Seasonal Meal Plans, Grocery Lists & Recipes ($1200 value)

copy of volume 6 recipe

31 Day Summer Survival Maintenance Blueprint ($297 value)

summer survival programme

12 x Monthly Group Zoom Coaching Meetings ($240 Value)


Mindset Mastery Lifecoaching Lessons ($588 value)

mindset mastery tile

The 11 Day Super Cleanse ($297 value)

11 day super cleanse

Brain Fit Toolkit Mental Health Reset ($297 value)

brain fit toolkit manual (1)

14 Day Pre Christmas Shred Challenge ($297 value)

manual steve jennings

Raw til 4 Rapid Weightloss Formula ($297 value)

raw till 4 manual

Ultimate Menopause Transformation ($497 value)

the ultimate menopause transformation programme

With A Total Value Of $5383.00, This Package Has Everything You Need And More, To Break Yoyo Dieting, And Build A Sustainable Lifestyle For Years To Come!

Normally $147.00 p/m, On Special Today For Just $97 p/m (save $600 today)

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BONUS TWO: We want you to be as successful as possible, so Heidi and I will also add in a FREE 45 minute personal discovery session to show you how the system works, nut out a personalised approach, so you can get the best out of your investment. Valued at $199.00

This Brings The Total Value To Over $5000.00 - Join Today For Just $97.00 p/m (save $600!)

But Be Quick – There’s Just 1 Spot Left!


If you haven’t achieved any results after following this amazing program for 12 months and you’ve attended all 12 monthly zoom coaching sessions, we’ll refund you.

To take advantage of this special deal, all we ask is that you accept these terms & conditions.

Just click the subscribe button below for $97p/m and Save $600.00 on The Yearly Membership

Click the Buy Now Button to pay a one time payment of just $1014.00, and save $750.00 on the yearly membership.

WOHW Membership FAQ's

We know that you may have questions for us, so we’ve compiled the most common questions below.

“How do I reach out for help if I need it?”

The best way to reach out for help is to email us or use facebook messenger. FB messenger is the best option because we can send you voice messages to help you stay on track.

“When are the live zoom coaching sessions?”

The live group coaching sessions are held at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month. The session will be recorded. Here we will set you targets for the following month and provide you with solutions if you are stuck. You’ll be apart of our very own private community that you’ll be on the journey with.

“Do I get a new Meal Plan every month?”

Yes – we have a VIP members hub that you you’ll have access to where you can download seasonal meal plans, recipes and grocery lists as you please.

Do I have to sign up for 12 months?”

Yes. This is the catch – we have added so much value to the program that we want you to be as successful as possible, plus if you are ever going to get off the YOYO for good, you must learn to keep your results going for a full year. As the seasons change so do our habits, so it’s vital to learn how to stay on track.

“Is there really $4000 worth of value in the program?”

We believe there is far MORE value than $4000.00 of value. Think of your health benefits – more energy, better moods, better self confidence. Better sleep. Plus your direct family members will benefit from what you learn and the recipes that you’ll get. $97 per month is what we call the NO BRAINER DEAL. Your husband can even follow the challenges with you!

“Ok I’m in! How do I sign up?”

Just click on the paypal links above. Then when your payment comes through, we’ll send you to the download page where you can access your recipes & coaching videos. PLUS we’ll book in your private discovery session.

If you have more questions please contact Steve directly on 0275 431 387 to discuss this program further.

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Brian Lost 25kgs in 16 weeks and has maintained for 3 years
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Rebecca lost 15kgs has maintained for 4 years
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Viv lost over 20kgs in 12 weeks, has maintained for four years
Lynda lost 10kgs and maintained during a 14 week world cruise