Are You Surrendering Control?

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One of the biggest lessons I learned over the past few years was that I, and I alone, needed to take control of my health, because no one else could do it for me.

I learned that doctors, while amazing and dedicated people, are trained to diagnose symptoms and medicate, not to identify and treat the ROOT CAUSE of chronic illness.

I learned to question, question and question some more everything the food industry was telling me, and to turn my back on most of it.


I learned that when we surrender control of our wellbeing to others, such as large industries with even larger budgets to spend on the power of persuasion, we suffer the consequences in the form of chronic disease. (Case in point: ‘energy’ drinks will not give you energy. They will make you fat and sick).

I developed a deep and fundamental understanding that plunging into the depths of despair with poor health was not a destination I wanted to return to.

I learned that educating myself on all things health was the most valuable tool at my disposal, and it was entirely up to me whether I used it.


Most of all, I learned to trust myself to know what’s best for me, to become my own best expert, and to treasure my health above all else, because when that is lost, other losses follow thick and fast.

When it comes to YOUR health, you must take control, because no one else can do it for you.

Will you?

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