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Aching joints as you get older is common, but not normal. Diabetes is common, but not normal. Menopause symptoms are common, but not normal. Heart bypass surgery is common, but not normal Brain fog is common, but not normal. Anxiety is common, but not normal. Obesity is common, but not normal. Dementia is common, but not normal.

Don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. I’m not saying YOU aren’t normal if you suffer from any of the above. I’m saying that the everyday DIS-EASE our population suffers from is not normal.

Yes, they are COMMON, but they are NOT normal. They are a direct result of the way we eat, move and live, not because our bodies become broken as we age.

Just because you see people all around you who are tired, or sick, or on medication, this doesn’t mean it’s normal. Just because you are getting older and you have arthritis, this doesn’t mean it’s normal. Just because you drink five coffees a day to get you through, this doesn’t mean it’s normal!

There is a definite lack of distinction between these two terms in our modern society, and we are confusing the two.

What IS normal (but not common) is this:
The ability for a human being to live beyond 100 years old.
Arteries that remain open and free of plaque as you age.
A body that thrives when you feed it the right fuel.
Joints, muscles and tendons that still function correctly when you’re 75.
A brain that remembers what you did 10 minutes ago when you’re 85.
I could go on… get the idea.

Our bodies are amazing machines that are designed to carry us far in life, both physically and mentally, when we treat them right.

Not treating our bodies right is COMMON but not NORMAL.

What do you think?

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