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Six week boxing bootcamp

Are you exercising and eating healthily but still not getting results? Do you still suffer with poor sleep, high stress, anxiety, stubborn body fat and lack muscle tone? Morning, Lunchtime & Evening Classes Available (limited spaces)

The MAJOR problem in the fitness industry is that bootcamp trainers are thrashing their clients and running them into the ground. This ADDS stress to someone who does not sleep, is stressed and running on adrenaline. With Steve Jennings’ 17 years of successful coaching in your corner, you will learn to sleep better, reduce adrenaline and lose stubborn weight with a personalised approach to suit YOUR needs, while preventing burnout.

Ainsley Cunliffe

Ainsley Cunliffe

“I’ve dropped 10kgs over a few months and down at my best weight in a number of years – the food is easy, I love exercising with the group and even my daughter comes along too!”

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Qualifications & Training

Steve and Heidi have a strong philosophy about the personal journey that people need to face and believe that the experiences you encounter during your life (both good and bad) are there to help you grow stronger and wiser.

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The Fitness Programme

I’ll admit, this is not for everyone. You have to give me solid commitment and a real desire to achieve your goals. I can provide you with everything that I can as a physical, wellness and health coach, but if you don’t follow my advice properly you may not see results. Decide right now to try your best, follow my programme and commit to a healthier way of life.


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Please book any replacement classes in advance by contacting Steve or Heidi Jennings on 0275 431 387 or email / All classes are held at 45 Cliff Road Tauranga


6 week programme

$400 $ 299
  • Up to four boxing bootcamp classes per week ($150 value).
  • Meal plans and recipes to help you stay on track
  • Daily motivational emails
  • Wrist wraps
  • Facebook live workouts
  • Fortnightly weigh-ins and measurements
  • Three fortnightly group Zoom meetings on Thursdays at 7pm
  • Fortnightly fitness testing

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