World of Holistic Wellness

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June 2022 - Skin Esthetician Karen Sinclair

Skin Esthetician Karen Sinclair has over 35 years experience in the field of skin care. Here she discusses nasty chemicals that hide in your makeup that you need to look out for.

July 2022 - Personal Stylist Mo Robinson & Letter To Your Future Self

Part 1: Personal Stylist and Amazon #1 best selling author Moana Robinson joins us from Australia and discusses how to boost your self confidence through style. She also shares her story overcoming a major health issue.

Part 2: “Letter to Your Future Self” – Heidi also shares a letter writing strategy to help you visualise yourself in the future. Where do you want to be in the next five years? Watch the lesson, and write your letter as if you have already become that person. Do not open the letter until your open date.

August 2022 - Nutrition & Immunity

The Life coaching theme for August is “Raising Your Standards.” During the session Heidi will run through some coaching queues to break down limiting beliefs and raise your personal bar. Download workbook: August 2022 Workbook – Raising Your Standards

Download slides: August 2022 Slides – Raising Your Standards

In the inaugural edition of the World Of Holistic Wellness digital magazine, our first spotlight member is Krystle Hodges, sharing her personal journey. Heidi shares a comfort food recipe and discusses the august theme “Raising Your Standards”. Download: WOHW Magazine Edition 1

The Life coaching theme for September is “Bloom Where Your Planted”.

Steve Discusses his Holiday Cheat Sheet which helps you stay on track during upcoming holidays and long weekends. This is the strategy he personally uses and teaches to clients to avoid yoyo swings with your weight and maintain psychological momentum.

Holiday Survival Cheat Sheet pdf