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Steve & Heidi Jennings

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Jennings Holistic Coaching Approach

With over 24 combined years of professional experience, plus personal experience recovering from chronic illness, Steve and Heidi have created a boldly unique, alternative and fresh approach to restore your health and eliminate symptoms in as little as 90 days. 

World Class Results.

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Most wellness programmes only address a couple of areas such as nutrition and exercise. These alone do not identify the true cause of illness and energy deficiency. 

Wellness Programmes

90 Day Ultimate Health Breakthrough

Our brand new, unique strategy melts up to 13kg of unwanted bodyfat and eliminates complex symptoms in as little as 90 days easily – even if you’ve tried everything. (individual results may vary)

Holistic Health Coach


Corporate wellness workshops and challenge packages include mental wellness, menopause, sleep issues and insomnia, gut health, immunity during covid and more. Available on site or online.

Holistic Health Coach

Lose 5kgs in the next 42 days with our Boxing Bootcamps, lead by a professional an experienced coach who will personalise the training to your needs. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Steve and Heidi are available for inspirational keynotes and these can be tailored to suit your event. They travel nationwide and are available for online events.

The Jennings Team

You're in good hands

Steve & Heidi Jennings are  very experienced, professional and highly reputable Holistic Health Coaches.  Their passion is helping people who have tried everything else (conventional medicine, alternative healthcare options, physical training) and still struggle to achieve their desired results.

Our Book

From Living Hell to Living Well

Steve & Heidi have over 24 combined years in the health, wellbeing and fitness industry and boast a 95% success rate helping people just like you achieve their breakthrough. 

new book best seller

“If the mainstream advice isn’t working, then it’s time to do something new and unique.” – Heidi & Steve Jennings

Are you stuck in a living hell with your health? Are you tired of going around in circles trying to find a solution?

Imagine being able to bounce out of bed in the morning with a clear head, an abundance of energy and a happy state of mind.  Picture living inside a body that is the perfect weight for you and functions exactly as it should.  Wouldn’t you love to experience that kind of vibrant health and wellbeing, and the freedom it would bring?

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Steve and Heidi have been featured both local and global articles, sharing how to take control of your health and improve your mental wellness. 

Health conditions we solve for our clients

Using a 100% new and unique holistic wellness strategy, Steve and Heidi will make it easy to eliminate your symptoms in as little as 90 days. Individual results will vary.

Holistic health coach

Menopause Symptoms, Hot flushes, Fatigue, Mood Swings

holistic health coach

Stubborn Body Fat, Emotional Eating, Diabetes

Holistic health coach

High Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog, Vertigo, Migraines

Wellness Programmes

Chronic Pain & Inflammation, Mystery Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol

Wellness Programmes

Autoimmune disease, Arthritis, PCOS, Thyroid Conditions, CFS, Fibro

holistic health coach

Sleep Issues, Insomnia, Sleep Apnea

Our Testimonials

How Exciting Would It Be To Get Results Like These In Just 90 Days Or Less?



30 years of back pain, insomnia, menopause issues, stubborn weight and fatigue were just some of the health issues Tracey was battling daily. When she used our new method, she lost 8kgs easily, eliminated medication and changed her life in just 90 days.



20 Years of Headaches, Migraines, Depression & Anxiety and Autoimmune issues almost totally resolved easily in 28 days! Multiple Doctors and Specialists couldn't find the reason for Alex's health problems, so we took a fresh new, unique approach. Here's her story.



Janet had tried many methods trying to resolve her Menopause symptoms including HRT. Still, nothing worked. Listen to what happened when she followed our unique system.



Jeremy had worked with a personal trainer for two years only to GAIN 10kgs! His knees hurt, he was exhausted and irritable. Fast forward a few months and he's 15 kgs lighter! Here's his story.

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Feel like you’ve tried everything? Feeling confused, lost and frustrated? It’s time to try something completely new, unique and exciting.

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Read some of the latest blog posts from Heidi on healthy living, healthy eating and how everything we do can have a positive impact on our bodies.