Summer Survival Programme

Maintain Your Self Confidence and Bodyshape During the Silly Season

Do You Struggle to Maintain Your Bodyshape During the Christmas/Summer Holidays?

Do you work hard to lose weight before Christmas only to put it all back on again? Do you rush rush rush before Christmas, then STOP and eat and drink too much……then feel disappointed at yourself? If the answer is YES….

Then The Summer Survival Programme Is For YOU.

Steve Jennings in his office

Steve Jennings Holistic Health Coach

If you are ever going to get off the yoyo dieting for good, then you have to learn to maintain your bodyshape and self confidence through summer.

Hi Steve Jennings here! Did you know that every year as I embarked on my Christmas break, I would morph into a four legged hoofed animal with a snout and eat as much as I wanted? The leftovers from Christmas day, the extra chocolate, the alcohol….

This would carry on for about three weeks. This was my way of winding down.

Then I would jump on the scales in mid January, and I would weigh an extra 4 to 5kgs heavier than Christmas day. 

I remember feeling so angry. “You’ve let yourself down!” I told myself. Frustration – “Why do I do this every year??” And then I would feel ashamed when taking my shirt off and going for a swim. The last time that I did this a few years ago, and as I stood on the scales, I told myself –

“If you don’t like this feeling right now, then sort it out and change your attitude toward the Christmas break!”

So, I created a new plan to follow and it worked a treat – so well that I have maintained my bodyshape since 2017. Then I started sharing my programme with some of my clients on their holidays.

steve maintenance

“I’ve maintained my weight for almost four years!”

The Summer Survival Programme has also been successful for many our clients

Check out Lynda's story!

“I went around the world on a luxury cruise for 14 weeks and lost weight! Being faced with 24 hour room service and all you can eat buffets, normally I would gain 4kgs over this period. But I had worked so hard to lose 10kgs before going away and I wasn’t going to let it all go. I had worked too hard! Steve laid out some really great strategies that I would never have thought of on my own. Combined with some will power I actually LOST half a kilo! Steve’s methods work!”

I’ll get to that in a second. But first let’s introduce ourselves; Steve & Heidi Jennings here, Holistic health coaches and creators of the Summer Survival Programme.

Over the past 16 years our coaching has helped thousands of people as far away as Australia, Europe and the USA achieve lifechanging breakthroughs with their health.

Steve Jennings in his office

Steve Jennings Holistic Health Coach

Heidi Jennings behind laptop

Heidi Jennings Plant Based Health Coach

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Join Before 5pm December 24 For Just $77.00

If You Struggle To Maintain Your Bodyshape Over The Christmas Break, This Is Programme Is THE Blueprint You Simply Must Have!

The programme runs between December 25 and January 25. During this period we are going to teach you all of our secrets & strategies that up until now have been held back from the public.

This special programme, dedicated to this time of the year. Here’s what we are going to show you:

hill climb

All of these secrets & strategies that we have personally tried and tested since 2004 are revealed in this programme.

If YOU are going to be successful at maintaining your bodyshape and self confidence during the summer break….YOU need THIS approach!

Look at these amazing results!


Audrey's Menopause Breakthrough - After 14 Years! She had spent over $5000 on programs that never worked until she tried our program.


20 Years of Headaches, Migraines, Depression & Anxiety and Autoimmune issues almost totally resolved in 4 Weeks! Multiple Doctors and Specialists couldn't find the reason for Alex's health problems, but we found a an area that hadn't been addressed. Here's her story.

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Brian lost 25kgs, has maintained for 3 years
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Rebecca lost 15kgs, has maintained for four years

Join us on this 31 day Summer Survival Programme for just $97.00. We promise it will be worth it! *Early Bird Special*

Join Before 5pm December 24 For Just $77.00

If You Struggle To Maintain Your Bodyshape Over The Christmas Break, This Is Programme Is THE Blueprint You Simply Must Have!


This is what you can expect from the summer survival programme

Some More Results That We're Proud Of!


Jill had spent $5000 over 10 years trying to resolve her Menopause symptoms. She tried EVERYTHING. Listen to what happened when she followed our breakthrough Reset program.


Listen to Robyns Menopause Breakthrough amazing weight loss and reduction in her knee pain.

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Kerri has maintained 13kgs loss since 2018
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Viv lost over 20kgs, has maintained since 2017

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