Do You Struggle to Maintain Your Bodyshape During the Christmas/Summer Holidays?

Do you work hard to lose weight before Christmas only to put it all back on again? Do you rush rush rush before Christmas, then STOP and eat and drink too much……then feel disappointed at yourself? If the answer is YES….

Then The Summer Survival Programme Is For YOU.

If you are ever going to get off the yoyo dieting for good, then you have to learn to maintain your bodyshape and self confidence through summer.

Hi Steve here, did you know that every year as I embarked on my Christmas break, I would morph into a four legged hoofed animal with a snout and eat as much as I wanted? The leftovers from Christmas day, the extra chocolate, the alcohol….

This would carry on for about three weeks. This was my way of winding down.

Then I would jump on the scales in mid January, and I would weigh an extra 4 to 5kgs heavier than Christmas day. I remember feeling so angry. “You’ve let yourself down!” I told myself. Frustration – “Why do I do this every year??” And then I would feel ashamed when taking my shirt off and going for a swim. The last time that I did this a few years ago, and as I stood on the scales, I told myself –

“If you don’t like this feeling right now, then sort it out and change your attitude toward the Christmas break!”

So, I created a new plan to follow and it worked a treat – so well that I have maintained my weight now for three years. Then I started sharing my programme with some of my clients on their holidays.

Check out Lyndas story!

“I went around the world on a luxury cruise for 14 weeks and lost weight! Being faced with 24 hour room service and all you can eat buffets, normally I would gain 4kgs over this period. But I had worked so hard to lose 10kgs before going away and I wasn’t going to let it all go. I had worked too hard! Steve laid out some really great strategies that I would never have thought of on my own. Combined with some will power I actually LOST half a kilo! Steve’s methods work!”

I’ll get to that in a second. But first let’s introduce ourselves; Steve & Heidi Jennings here, Holistic health coaches and creators of the Summer Survival Programme.

Over the past 16 years our coaching has helped thousands of people as far away as Australia, Europe and the USA achieve lifechanging breakthroughs with their health.

Right Now We Are Offering You the Opportunity to Get on Board Our FIRST EVER Summer Survival Programme.

The programme runs between December 25 and January 25. During this period we are going to teach you all of our secrets & strategies that up until now have been held back from the public.

This is the FIRST RELEASE of this special programme, dedicated especially to this time of the year. Here’s what we are going to show you:

  • We are going to cover breakthrough strategies for travelling away and camping
    “The Essential Eight” weekly rules & targets to help you stay on track
    How to interpret the scales and the variables that make up your weight – most experts don’t even cover this important area!
    Why you can’t live in weightloss mode 24/7
    How to set a realistic, achievable target for yourself
    How to deal with all of the temptation of leftovers and social events
    Learn what mainstream food myths you need to let go of to stay on track

All of these secrets & strategies that we have personally tried and tested since 2004 are revealed in this programme.

If YOU are going to be successful at maintaining your bodyshape and self confidence during the summer break….YOU need THIS approach!

This Is What You Can Expect From The Reset Programme with a 90% Success Rate:

“Hey Steve! Here’s my pic at 10kgs lost after just four weeks. So far I’ve lost over 15kgs. It’s been a lifechanger!” Joe

“At 60 years old I dropped 25kgs in just 16 weeks, and I’m easily maintaining!” Brian

“I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years” Rebecca (50’s)

Join us on this 31 day Summer Survival Programme for just $97.00. We promise it will be worth it! *Early Bird Special*

Join Before 5pm December 24 For Just $47.00

We want you to maintain yourself confidence and bodyshape over the festive season. If you’ve been putting off getting started, then consider this your call to action!

This Is What You Can Expect From The Summer Survival Programme:

  • An easy to follow, flexible meal plan suitable for vegans, vegetarians and the whole family.
  • A special 31 day planner filled with easy to follow guidelines during summer to help you break free from yoyo diets.
  • Coaching videos to guide you through the process step by step.
  • A programme you can use EVERY Christmas & Summer break.
  • Control blood sugars levels, avoid cravings and maintain your energy and mood
  • Feel great in clothes, swimwear and maintain your confidence
  • Achieve extra benefits such as reduction of joint pain, menopause symptoms, restore deep restful sleep and clear up gut issues or skin conditions.

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